Shake up for Brick and Mortar businesses?

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Has anyone noticed a change in the algorithm for brick and mortar businesses? My e-business only sites have done fine, but sites for my non-internet only businesses just went from page 1 to out of sight!

Best strategy for getting them ranked again? Sit and wait?
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    Its not a "B&M algorithm" issue.
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    Just sit and wait.

    I had a site ranking #2 on Google that got 50 uniques a day and disappeared about two weeks ago. I was still getting about 25 to 40 uniques. I laughed and went on about my business.

    Checked my stats today and notice the key phrases that people type that come from Google started showing up again. Guess what? The site is back at #2.

    Patience my friend patience.
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      I had this with one of my clients, his site was at #4. It disappeared and he wasn't very happy, I told him to hold tight, it will come back. It took about 10 days, but when it came back it was at #1!!

      So yes be patient and it'll come back.


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        Thanks for the advice. The sites did come back and to their original spots. (There's not much higher they can go.)

        So, no worries. Sitting and waiting paid off!
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    Good for you rhino72.

    You just learned a valuable not panic. Most people begin tweaking and undoing stuff that actually worked. Then it takes longer to get back to where you should have been.

    You saved yourself a ton of work and time.
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  • You have to re-submit to GMaps and the local business directories every few months. If you don't, your brick-and-mortar competitors will. This is a great way to keep brick-and-mortar SEO clients, by the way. They notice that their phone stops ringing very quickly!
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        Yes Google regularly does this reshuffling.

        I think the most important lesson you'll ever learn about search engine optimization is to give the search engines what they want and the people using the search engines what they want on the pages on your site.

        That usually means giving them high quality, highly targeted content.

        Obviously you're going to need other sites pointing at your site and have other factors to rank high for competitive terms but in many cases the long tail keywords you optimize for for local businesses are not very competitive.

        Some aren't competitive at all.

        That's one reason you'll see these schemes to get number one rankings with one dodgy method or another.

        If you're the guy supplying highly targeted, high quality content you never have to worry much about Google reshuffles and Google slaps.

        And you can maintain top rankings with little or no work for year after year.

        I just checked one term I optimized for in late 2004.

        Now 11,100,000 results on Google for that search term.

        I haven't done any kind of work to keep that site at the top since late 2004 and I'm still number one and number two on google in April 2009.

        Giving the search engines what they want works.

        Also still ranking well on Yahoo with numbers
        1,4,5,7 and 10.

        Kindest regards,
        Andrew Cavanagh
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          Originally Posted by AndrewCavanagh View Post

          Giving the search engines what they want works.
          Andrew, I wish more people understood that!

          Like you, I have content I have not updated for 5+ years and it's still ranking no matter what the search engines do. It's all about quality!
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          Hey Andrew what are you charging for google local....are you promising to put them between A through J on local search? I have an attorney that wants to get into the top ten for personal injury attorney...he will pay big bucks to get there.

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