Huge PDF, need to shrink it for Kindle.

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So a couple years ago, I wrote a book, self-published it, and now have it available through Amazon, etc. It has a lot of pictures and some graphics in it.

I've been wanting to make it available on Kindle, however, the file is huge. I could probably find the file, somewhere, from when I laid out the book with Scribus, but that might be burdensome.

Is there any way I can take my pdf and "shrink it down". to make it fit the limits for kindle. Right now the file is about twice as large as it needs to be.
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    Do you want a rewrite. Or change the font and size??
    PM me I can help.
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      The problem is that the pictures were high quality images intended to provide high quality for the physical book. I figured, I only have to upload it once, so go for quality. But for the ebook, I probably need to cut them down to make them more digital-download-friendly.

      I would like to avoid a complete rewrite. Ideally, I'd just be able to change the quality of the images within the pdf, making them still adequate, but with the files no longer being as large and overly-detailed.

      I don't know if I can fix this with any existing software though, or if I have to go back to the scribus file and basically "re-master" everything to achieve the smaller file size.
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    Just copy and paste the text into Word and then optimize the images within Word so they look great but aren't too large of a file size.
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