Why/ How Did You Get Involved with IM/ Entrepenurship?

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I'm wondering why people got started with IM?

My reasons are many and a quite a few but there's three reasons: I want to control the amount of money that I make (can make) throughout my life or use it as a springboard to do other things. I noticed there's seems to be a glass ceiling to the amounts you make at a 9-5 job, especially at my age.

Many people say if you want to be successful don't follow the crowd. (To those who have salaried jobs this isn't meant to be a dig it's just my opinion)

Many gen Yer's (including myself) are working low paying jobs or at internships with monthly "stipends" I'm not sure that's the way to get ahead anymore after the economic crisis we've experienced (are still in?) and companies aren't hiring entry level according to what I'm seeing.

After experimenting with offline consulting I was able to match 1/2 of my yearly salary, not quite knowing what I was doing and referring back to threads here for guidance as I went along amassing a few clients

Another reason I just learned recently is I'm multifaceted and have equal abilities in things, the job I'm seeking doesn't really exist which is somewhat disheartening but just motivates me to create a business using these interests

The final reason I've learned is it gives you more mobility working online, when I reach the level that I'm striving for I can take a vacation if I so choose; no need to get clearance from HR since I can decide when and how long to go. (one of my beliefs is it's important to travel but that's for another thread)

Anyway what are your reasons? How did you get started?
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    I was member on too many dating sites myself as I was naughty boy and was always after flirting and dating with girls. .... that gave me an idea to have my own dating site...... after months of trying and research I got what I was looking for.
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    cause according to society I have no education so I couldn't get a decent job, and personally I didnt want to work for someone else, so I just decided to go into business my self.
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    Well I used to play online games compettively at a high level and the community started to create videos of players/matches and had no where to share them.

    So I used my paper round money to hire a server and built my first proper website Although that was 10+ years ago now =\
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    A few years ago something happened and I just wanted to hide away, so I couldn't really go to work. But since I'm a single mom and me and my kids still needed to eat, I had to work from home. So I started writing articles and later went into affiliate marketing. Good thing I didn't go to work, I would still be working for $500 per month as a cashier in some supermarket since I have no education.

    How about some FREE unique handwritten articles for your website, blog, SEO, guest posts, etc?

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    Not sure how I got into this but I happened to stumble upon dnforums and I did website flipping for around 3 months.

    Then on that forums I found a link to this forum and that's how it started for me.
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    I went to college for "entrepreneurship"...

    I always knew since I was like 10 that I wanted to be my own boss.

    My major motivation is that I hate getting up in the morning

    I really love the freedom an online business gives me.

    I started building websites when I was like 12 and then dabbled with Clickbank and Adwords in early 2000. The crappy economy is what lead me to go back online and try to make it a full time gig.

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    First for extra cash
    Second, because my boss was a jerk
    Third because I needed to breath and see what it's like to work on your own
    fourth- because I hate waking up early
    Sixth- because I hate work colleagues
    Seventh- because I want to be my boss!

    Many more reasons but I guess you can make a picture already out of these 7 reasons!lol!

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    I read a book. "The 4-Hour Work Week" by Tim Ferriss. That book changed my outlook on life. It made me believe that there was different path I could take as opposed to the usual 9-5 life. It showed me that you can live your life doing what you love to do, with no limits. It was one of the first things that got me involved with entrepreneurship and internet marketing.

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    100% for freedom, to path my own path to success!

    I have never "officially" worked for someone else. To me this is allot easier then filling out a job application, going to interview, and then hoping you get the 9-5 job.
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  • Well I always had some sort of entrepreneurial spirit and started my first business cleaning cars in the village I grew up in. Then I looked at buying those crates of stock and selling them locally before I went to Uni. It was while I was at uni that my friend introduced me to IM by giving me some of the books he had bought. I was hooked from there.

    I have only ever had one full time job in my life and it lasted 2 years working for a TV company. While I was working there I was focused on building my online business to a point where I could quit that job. Needless to say this didn't go down too well when I started making mistakes at that job as I was too busy concentrating on my business

    However it paid off for me in the end and the multiple thousands of dollars I have spent on IM products over the years has now been paid off and I am building multiple businesses online from general product creation to software and solo ads. It has been a wild ride with lots of ups and downs but I wouldn't change it for the world!

    I love being able to work from wherever I am as long as there is an internet connection and the friends I have made in the industry are pretty much all awesome people that I am proud to call friends!
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    I run an eBay business primarily, but was also a regular contributor to an eBay forum.

    I started a blog (that nobody read) so took all of the content, and added more, and made it into an eBook, which I then sold on the forum and still do.

    I just love earning money online.
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    Newspaper ads and Jingle, i done took the bull by the horn.
    Grow your social media account, Spotify Streams, YT Views & IG Followers & More
    Software & Mobile APP Developer
    Buy Spotify, Facebook Bot & IG M/S Method
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  • Profile picture of the author Randall Magwood
    My cousin introduced me to internet business and information products. He has stopped trying to learn it, and i have taken the torch. I like this business due to the autopilot lifestyle it can bring, and the short hours i have to spend each day with it.
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      At the time I was sick and couldn't work, so I was kinda forced into it. Now I love it and I'm here to stay. The freedom is also very important for me. I'm not good at taking shit from other people. Not that I would flip and go on a killing spree but it wouldn't fit me well.

      "Some birds aren't meant to be caged."

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    I used to run an offline business and needed a website. I learned WordPress and SEO and along the way discovered affiliate marketing. I started dabbling while running my bricks and mortar biz and when affiliate commission exceeded my offline biz, I made the switch.

    I was pretty happy in my offline biz ... but enjoy the the online biz more ... couldn't do both anymore.
    How I hit $10,000+ per month very fast w/ 1 niche blog - Click Here to learn more (no opt-in).
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    Some seek security in working the 9-5 but that's never going to get you stability, since you are putting your future in someone elses hands.

    Entrepreneurship is the way forward for the economy to recover, better to be the boss and contribute to the prosperity of a nation than be a draw on an already dehydrated state.

    Many years ago an unlikely friend of mine who ran a highly successful DJ agency told me out of the blue that he was going to buy a house for him and his mother to live in, I asked him if it was with a mortgage, and he looked at me smiled, and said - "no it's with a cheque, I'm paying for it outright". That was the day I was inspired to go into business and do the same...
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    A 8-17 job sucks.
    It's convenient to be able to stay at home and do whatever you like... and work whenever you like ... and at higher salary. You still need to work, but it's such a relieve to be able to plan your oven day. In addition you save 2 hours a day driving and commuting.

    regards Hans
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