Buying a domain - what's it worth?

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my competitor is dissolving their business and is offering to me to buy their domain. I think they may be offering it to another competitor as well. The site currently ranks well for some of the top keywords. How do I value this thing to make an offer? I would want to have it redirect to my current domain instead of keeping up two websites.
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    Well what's the domain name?
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    What key words?
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    Is it just a domain, or are they dissolving their website? Maybe you can offer to take it over for far as a price goes, the standard rate is the monthly revenue x 12.

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    it's a very very niche market. I am estimating they're getting between 500 and 700 visits per month on average with a PR of 3. It's an ecommerce website and We would be taking the domain name. Their website is actually in another country so I wouldn't be able to take over the site and do SEO for both their site and ours and if we did keep up the site, I'd have to change the content to apply to my own company anyway as it's a small business, so I'm thinking it would be smarter to just redirect.
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    Really, the bottom line is, what is it worth to *you*? From your last post, you honestly don't seem all that into it. I could be wrong, but that's what I read between the lines.

    The thing is, even if it's an incredibly great domain name, if you can't do anything with it, then it's not worth much. However, if you feel you can put the time into it, it could be worth a small fortune.

    Just thinking (typing) out loud......
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