Landing a job in the US with a degree from the Philippines?

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If I study Computer Science in the Philippines and then come back to the US, will I be able to land a job in that field e.g., computer systems analyst? I'm an American citizen, not a filipino.

I want to have fun in that country while I get a bachelor's that I can later use t land a job in the US.

Is this viable??
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    I wouldn't see why you couldn't achieve that goal. When I first started school I was going for accounting and later found out about Internet Marketing and decided to take a few classes for web development and now I am the marketing manager at a major dealership in St. Louis MO (Without a full degree) and I'm only 25.

    Personally I think managers are looking for self starters and go getters - degrees are nice but not always necessary. Most of the time it just shows that you can commit to something b/c what I think over half the people who go to college don't work in their field after graduating.

    Have fun in the Philippines its a beautiful place!

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      Originally Posted by jpsween88 View Post

      degrees are nice but not always necessary.
      Very true!

      It won't be a problem if you have to stuff together. I was making $100K as an engineer and I never finished my degree.

      -Communicate effectively. Learn how to communicate, not just talk.

      -Learn how to exude a large amount of confidence. (I always went into interviews feeling the company was lucky to have the chance to hire me. That attitude will pay off.)

      -Body language, eye contact, no fidgeting.

      -If you need a hair cut, get one. If you need to lose weight, learn how. If you need to get a tan and use teeth whitener, then do it. Don't underestimate the power of first impressions. We can all say "that's not fair to be judged on looks", but it's never going to change so might as well roll with it and reach your goals.

      -Most important is your frame of mind before walking into an interview. Meditate - Visualize - Then Kick A$$

      If I have accepted an interview, I've never not been offered a job. There is so much more that goes into success than people like to admit. But the smartest guy rarely makes the most money in a company.

      If you control your mind, you control the situation, and hence the outcome. It's not psycho babble - even though it sounds like it...

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        A lot of employers don't recognize degrees from other countries so best to check accreditation.
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  • Hello,

    I think you can because USA even hires Filipino professionals like Computer related jobs.

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    All depends if the company accepts a degree from a foreign country. I know in the UK for medicine some countries are black listed and will have to undergo teaching in a country/institute which is accepted. All depends on the company.
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    It's not about the paper but what you have upstairs.
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