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Hey guys,
Since I started making money online I have occasionally written a few freelance articles, and I focus on stocks and finance. For those of you interested in making money this way, the Motley Fool (note: I am not paid to post this, nor do I work for them other than occasionally blogging) pays you $50 an article for your articles on stocks. After you have posted 10 quality articles they will up that to $100. Remember, the posts have to be quality, and usually within 400-700 words. PM me and I'll send you the email for the Motley Fool's Blog Network manager.
Other sites that have good compensation for finance articles are: Seeking Alpha - Stock Market News & Financial Analysis (1 cent per hit, but they have a reach of 70 million people monthly!)
To read more about sites like this, you can check out my blog.
Feel free to post any other sites you have found that compensate well for freelance articles by replying, and tell me what you think about these sites.
Good luck guys!
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