Have you thought about your brand?

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Internet marketing is new territory for marketers. I'm just wondering how many of you actively brand your products and services. That is to day, do you have a mark that you spread everywhere? Do you think about what the mark says about you and your business? Have you taken steps to protect your mark?

I am sincerely interested in hearing about this aspect of internet marketing since I have not seen it discussed much. Please share your ideas on how to build brand loyalty in a world where any fool can slap up a blog in five minutes.

Here's an interesting blog post about branding, with a cute little pitch at the end exhorting you to protect your personal brand -- your identity.

Branding: All You Have Is Your Good Name | CharlieHipHop

That's another question I have: Has anyone suffered the torture of identity theft. I did. I never want to go through that again. It took a year and thousands of dollars to resolve.
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  • Sorry for the gratuitous bump, but I'm actually interested in what people have to say about this.
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    Some brand their stuff differently every time (intentionally or by default) so you can't easily tell how many niches they operate in :-P
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      When I created my LLC I also trademarked my logo so that I have a brand and it is protected. I don't suggest that everyone do it this way but for me I ended up saving money by doing it this way rather than getting them separately.
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      Some brand their stuff differently every time (intentionally or by default) so you can't easily tell how many niches they operate in :-P
      I think I fit into that group!
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    I'm beginning to....

    Seriously though, I've noticed the same thing after several months of taking a step back and noticing that, as the online business world matures, it begins to look more and more like the offline business world has looked since the beginning of time.

    Going forward, I strongly believe that the best chance of having a long-term business in the online world is to quit taking the "scattershot" approach, and develop a level of expertise and authority status in ONE niche or subject area.

    If you do that, then branding is a natural extension of that approach.

    More and more, I'm looking to the ways that successful offline businesses operate in order to better develop my online strategies going forward.

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