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Hello people

I'm begining a new blog and I heard that a video in youtube is 20 times easyier to rank in google than a text blog post.

Is it true?

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    It's probably one of the few statistics that's not over-hyped. :-)
    Video is a lot easier to rank than just a normal blog post. You still need to do some SEO with. Build some social media backlinks to it (Twitter, Google+, social bookmark sites, etc.) and upload it to several other video sites as well and you should see it rank on pages 1-3 pretty quickly.

    You'll need to optimize the YouTube page to really get it going. You can do a search on the WF here and find some really good stuff on optimizing a YouTube page without having to buy anything. Of course how fast and how high you rank has a lot to do with the competiveness of your keyword as well.

    Another benefit of video vs. blog post is it keeps your viewers engaged longer, so they stay on your site longer. Good luck.

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    Originally Posted by bbb7 View Post

    Hello people

    I'm begining a new blog and I heard that a video in youtube is 20 times easyier to rank in google than a text blog post.

    Is it true?

    20 times easier? What's the source of this information? Can we trust it?
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    I'd say go for the video... It's easier than most people think. And it's faster than writing.

    And I completely agree, it also has the side benefit of keeping your audience engaged longer.

    Have fun and rock it out!
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    I would encourage you to do BOTH!

    I have ranked videos to number one and it definitely seems easier than ranking a blog post but I think for a blog, if you had a video and complimentary blog post, you would notice a dramatic difference.

    First record a video and then write a blog post summary about it.

    My favorite blog does this and I think that is why I like it so much.

    I found out about the blog through a Youtube video, which then took me back to his blog.

    The complimentary blog post is nice for hitting the main points of the video so the reader/viewer can skim through and get a good overview.

    Also, if they are coming back to your post and do not wish to view the video again, they can read the blog post.

    Here is the blog so you can see what I'm talking about: Project Life Mastery

    YOU are awesome :)

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    yes its easier since youtube have already a lot of backlinks
    what i suggest you to do
    install firefox and install a plugin called seo quake
    this help you anaize the information of the websites
    when you google it
    so you have a perspective if you can rank your videos
    after that make a lot of backlinks to it
    and in a few hours, days you will get your site in the first page of google
    of course this depend on the competitors
    you will not beat facebook with a youtube video
    so just tried

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