Where my NEW domains?

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Just bought and paid for several expired domains.. Got invoice email from paypal domains already paid. Check godaddy account and nothing..

Where they are? Are they trying to play chasing and hiding with me?
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    No its takes them a few days to transfer them to your account. Sometimes it takes up to a week or more before they are transferred.
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      Originally Posted by intergen View Post

      No its takes them a few days to transfer them to your account. Sometimes it takes up to a week or more before they are transferred.
      Thanks.. No wonder i can't find where they are.. i thought they afraid of new owner..

      Do i need to give my username and email for 'them' to transfer? If yes where should i give and to whom?
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    intergen is right, it takes up to a week. If you bought it from the GoDaddy site, they will just push it to your account. You will get a notification when they are in your control. If you bought them off of eBay or something like that, the seller will have to have your account number or the email associated with your account in order to push them to you.

    GoDaddy Support says this:
    Purchasing Domain Names You Won
    Date Submitted: 11-16-2012
    When you win an auction for a domain name, Go Daddy Auctions® facilitates the transaction between you and the seller. We send an email message to you with complete instructions for initiating the transaction. If you cannot locate the instructions we sent to you, call Go Daddy Auctions for assistance at (480) 505-8892.

    After you submit your payment, Go Daddy Auctions or Escrow.com verifies the funds. This verification takes up to five days. For more information about payment transactions, see Understanding Go Daddy Auctions Payment Transactions.

    When you win a domain name that is not registered with Go Daddy, you must contact the seller to start the domain name transfer. If you are unable to reach the seller or have problems with the transfer, you can file a dispute. For more information, see Contacting the Domain Name Seller and Disputing a Transaction on Go Daddy Auctions.

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    Yeah, it helps to read FAQS and the like...
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    Which provider are you using? If Godaddy you should wait a few minutes and check the domains under "My Account".
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