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I've been out of the IM game for a bit, but I'm back again. Real life demanded all my free time for a few months.

I was never really that successful before, so I thought I'd ask you guys of my new plan before I dove back in.

-I did a Google keyword search, found an exact match for "_____ reviews." Came in at about 12,000 - 15,000 monthly searches with Medium competition.

-Went over to Godaddy. "_____" was for sale!.... for $10,000. I see this as a good thing, as there must be people wanting it that's why it's so expensive. However "_____" and "_____" both available now for $20.

-As for content, I'm not particularly well informed about this product. I thought I might find the top selling brands from amazon and take the best reviews from there. Reword them a bit to make them my own and post them up.

-In each review article, I'll just link over to the amazon store and hope for the best.

-I might also be able to place related affiliates on the site as well and hope to score there too.

So, what do you guys think? My first few sites didn't even break even. I'm hoping this one might turn out better.
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    You will never know unless you have tested it. But for me personally, if you are prepared to invest $10,000, I would rather see you invest that money into your marketing campaign. Although there are many different ways to make money online, I still think that list building is the long term approach to having a business as you can promote other relevant products to them in the future.
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      that price is too steep for a starter, you should stick with .org and .net. and when you really have around 10k for a start up, you should invest that on an organized training from gurus, and half of it for the marketing to blast out your site. there are some gurus who offers training to boost your web reputation, you can also try some WSO that can boost your traffic, or hire a better web designer to build an awesome site.
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    Sorry guys, I wasn't being clear. I'm in no position to buy the 10k .com. I plan on getting the .net or .org, haha
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      If internet marketing is that simple (buy, post half-assed rewrite from amazon, post in the site, hope for the best) every people will be a successful internet marketer. I think you should start with thinking the web design, how you can get quality product review, and what is the source of your traffic.
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