Is it hard to build traffic to "funny picture and video" type sites?

by sdlive
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9gag type sites.. has anyone tried building one like it? What do you guys think of the process? tnx
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    actually its very easy
    what i did is just get some images
    modify them make them more atractives
    post them on facebook
    and put a content locker
    when they like your website
    they can see the image

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    As long as you're not depending on funny images or videos from other sources..
    Tonnes of fresh ideas should help.
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    Yeah. All it takes is a pinch of some social network sharing of the pics and videos and you'll get a lot of traffic already. They can be very viral. I'm not doing it but I've seen one who does. What I'm eager to know is where they get all the funny pictures. Do they just buy them or copy them from other sites. ???
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    I would do what Juan suggested up there but I'd make some twist on it. Yes, it's not that hard to drive traffic to your site when you know how to attract them.
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    I see tons of people doing this with facebook pages etc... my news feed gets clogged up with friends sharing all this stuff sometimes. I always wondered how much money was in it though?
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    I have a buddy that made a site like this and what he did was get tons of content on the website and then had a subscriber button for his visitors to subscribe to. Doing this helps him build a list of subscribers that will keep coming back for more fun features that you may post in the future.
    If you drive new content regularly, you will drive more visitors. I also recommend pinterest for something like this.
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    Register at Pinterest
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    It's very easy to do through wordpress, but sometimes can be hard to monetize the traffic in my eyes. Adsense is critical to use on these pages so you need to think of something else.
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    I think its very easy to get traffic to fun related sites.. If you use facebook because in facebook people mostly like and share meme so chances are very good.
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    You can basically create a website and post the images to Social sites, like faccebook pinterest. In this way you could build a uite great traffic soucre in a short time.
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    I believe funny video / picture site are extremely easy to build traffic. But, these type of traffic normally doesn't convert unless you are promoting games or video.
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    There are plenty of scripts available out there to make such websites. But these days memes are used splendidly over facebook, forumns, blogs, etc. If you are looking for such a website I have a Meme Generator script for that which you can look into if you would like to:
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