Thinking of buying Genesis framework & a child theme

by cbnet
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I seek opinion of fellow warriors before I jump upon buying genesis framework and a child theme. I don't know any coding at all. For the last 10 months I am using a fully functional free wp theme. I have about 80+ articles on my site. Please advise me who have bought genesis framework and child theme and who don't know coding, what there experiences are about switching over to a new theme and are they able to make changes in the child theme as per their requirements.
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    You don't have to be a coding genius to modify genesis, but it would help to at least know some basic code.
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    I'm a big fan of the StudioPress Genesis Framework and their Child Themes.

    One thing to watch out for on their themes is that the older ones are not "mobile responsive" (don't look good on mobile devices) - so when looking at the theme specs, look for "mobile responsive".

    I'm a professional website/blog Designer/Developer/Marketer and use StudioPress products for all my WordPress projects.

    I've switched StudioPress (Genesis child themes) themes several times with no issues. If you do opt to use their home page with "featured posts", sliding images, and such fancy stuff - you do have to set those up as widgets (not hard). And you do need certain sizes of "featured images" for those effects. Or, you can just use the default home page, which just displays all your posts.

    StudioPress support is excellent, even giving you PHP snippets non-coders can use inside the built-in WordPress editor for one-off customizations.

    Their stuff is very search engine friendly. Although I recommend also using the great "WordPress SEO plugin" by Joost De Valk.

    Like any other WordPress setup, you can certainly do more if you have basic HTML, CSS and PHP skills. But those are not required.

    On the various online marketing forums I visit, I see a lot of online marketers favor those StudioPress products. Joost does too.

    Hope this helps...
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    i also love studiopress.... its brilliant.... i use it on most sites now

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    I use this Blogging Cage Theme: FREE Genesis Child Theme on my blog and I really love it. It's easy customizale and looks nice on mobile.

    But if you think the free theme you use fits your needs, of course you can stick with it.
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    • I use Genesis on every client site now, If you do not know any coding at all I would recommend that you start with their PROSE theme, you can customize a lot of things without any code. Out of all their themes this one is by far the easiest to use.

      Also a good plugin to use when you're learning is the Genesis Simple Hooks if you want to add a slider, or banner somewhere on the site, it makes is easy to do. Most of the other themes that they have require you to know CSS to change colors/ dimensions etc.

      Hope that helps : )
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    If you don't have any experience with WP theme configuration, it is difficult to configure framework-based theme. Among the premium WP themes I know (not including WSO or FSO), Pagelines (PageLines - Drag & Drop CMS Framework for WordPress) has a drag and drop design but you will need a web designer first.
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    I also use Genesis for my business blog. I was lucky enough to win their entire package w/free updates, so I've used probably 5 or 6 themes. Their support is great and the forum is helpful. Very easy to use and some have built in search engine keywords for each post.
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    I've purchased the Genesis Framework just a couple of days ago, the main reason why I chose for Studiopress is because I had heard many good stories about their support, built-in plugins, security and site performance which for me was the most important one.

    My website was very slow and I wanted to improve my site speed, so I ended up buying the Framework and combining it with Synthesis VPS. Now my website loads in 0.7 seconds.

    I didn't know anything about coding, but they have tutorials and I have to say it is very easy to learn CSS, so you're good to go.

    P.S. if you're not satisfied you can get a refund in the 30 day trial period
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    Do it.

    It is the best thing I have ever done.

    I just bought the framework, i am also using the free theme at Blogging Cage Theme: FREE Genesis Child Theme
    - don't worry that it says it is no longer available - there is a link to it at the bottom of the comments.

    This is also free FREE Highly Adsense Optimized Theme

    I use the free blogging cage theme, looks very crisp and clear, and looks good on mobile also - Smart Income Detective Blog - Learn how to start a blog, create an eBook that sells, write for money and earn a smart income from home.
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    There is definitely a learning curve if you want to modify genesis child themes. I think the best way to get the feel of things is to view StudioPress tutorials Tutorials - Genesis Framework on their main site they have tons of information that’s very helpful.
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    You can build your own Genesis child themes using this plugin. It's a drag and drop layout builder.

    Dynamik Website Builder for Genesis | A Premium Genesis Child Theme

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  • I would highly recommend using the Genesis Framework and Themes. I have been using it on my website for 3 months now and very happy with the support. There are a lot of Plugins out there that specifically support Genesis such as "Simple Hooks/Simple Edits" etc.

    I've also noticed that it runs "out of the box" very fast! On top of this, I have implemented a CDN and W3 Total Cache. It now runs lightning fast!

    I highly recommend Genesis.
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    I the Genesis framework on all my sites and absolutely love it! I used to use some of the themes that go with it but lately, have been building them using Genesis and Dynamik Theme Builder to build out custom themes which I have done for both myself and clients and I have no background in coding at all.

    Most of the tweaks you would ever need for a Genesis theme can be found through Google - there are plenty of people out there who know code and publish different hacks on their site that you can add to the functions area of your theme to get different effects like removing the author and date from your posts.

    So much easier than using a free theme, definitely do it.

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    I just switched both my sites over to it, and i love it.
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    Love, love, love Genesis and the Prose theme, in particular. I have all of themes, but I keep returning to Prose because it's really flexible if you don't want to get your hands dirty with code. Change the fonts... upload a header... select your layout... done.
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    Genesis is worth it for sure. I use it on most sites. Every now and then I use a different framework and it's frustrating.

    @Orhan Alparslan interesting commenton Synthesis VPS. I may have to look into more. I have one site that's too slow and I've set up caching plugin and am using Google PageSpeed.
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      Another vote for the Genesis platform and the child themes from StudioPress. I use the Eleven-Forty theme on my blog and love it.

      Yes, there is a little bit of a learning curve, but I have found that to be the case with any theme you pick up.

      I am not a coder and I don't feel that I have ever been slowed down with what I want to accomplish due to great forum and customer support.

      Good luck to you,


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