10 Top Noob Internet Marketing Tips

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I have been in the industry quite a while now with many successful campaigns, websites and brands. :rolleyes:

I skim this forum every other day and many new internet markets are constantly asking things, saying things or wanting to know things that fall into three different categories that every newbie should avoid and get over and learn now.

  1. There is no magic, the magic is, there is not magic. You need money to advertise. The more time you spend trying to game the system, get free traffic, lie and cheat the more time you'll spend becoming broke.
  2. It is possible to make quick easy cash not spending money, it is normally illegal or will bust you down the line when marketing with fines or withheld funds. Be smart if your going to do something you shouldn't.
  3. Stop posting links in comments, other peoples facebook pages, being fake! People have become highly sensitive to bullshit on the internet.
  4. It is possible to make $1000's of dollars a day marketing, you need half that to do it though.
  5. Stop questioning yourself and just spend the money already. Use common sense and stop doing what I said in #1 if you loose it by making stupid decisions you'll make better ones in the future.
  6. Stick with main stream ad networks in the beginning, many advertising networks require initial deposits and have sketchy tracking systems and traffic that is basically spammed on a scale like I said not to do in #3
  7. Stop looking for partners that are also noobs or experts, you'll swim in both your shit instead of just your own. Learn yourself and take others advice in pieces. Even mine. Everyone smart and most experts will steal your campaigns and have a higher spend for it (not always, trust a little.)
  8. Start one thing and finish it until you make money with it. Unless your experienced you have no reason to have four or five projects. If you have a single ad than track its progress, optimize it and make bank.
  9. Use tracking software! Use LinkTrackr or self hosted Propser202 to track conversions and make sure to use re-targeting pixels. Make sure to use Google Analytics and heat maps to make better optimization decisions.
  10. Stop sending traffic directly to the offer, 50-70% of conversions happen from an email account and only 3-10% happen on a direct link use your landing page and include a opt-in form for people that don't convert when they visit your offer from your landing page. Also nothings wrong with copying someone elses landing page you always see online and finding the same affiliate offer and running it yourself.
I hope this helps.
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