My Checklist To Select An Affiliate Offer..What's Yours?

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I think the most important reason why People Fail in Affiliate Marketing is that they go for a wrong product selection which don't sell. And if you end up selecting a POOR affiliate product, you could be wasting all your Efforts and a Lot of Time to gain Nothing.

These are some of the important points that i consider before going for any affiliate offer.

- Need of the Niche or the targeted audience which i already have.
- Is the affiliate product legit or not?
- Commission Amount, Conversion Rates, EPC
- Market Demand
- Competition (SEO and Paid)

Would love if other Warriors also put their 2 cents.. and share their strategy of selecting an Affiliate Offer.
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    Hi Sketchaddict,

    I strongly agree with you on this.

    When I started out in I.M I created a website on the most popular product on clickbank without realizing that I was wrong.

    I ended up spending a few months creating my website and doing all kind of stuff on it.

    I still remember it was truth about abs I was promoting.

    But it never came on the front page because the competition was huge.

    I would like to add one point which is :
    The Impact of the sales copy
    The sales copy is something which should be amazing. Unless it is compelling you to take action and buy the product, you cannot expect others to buy the product.

    We should also see the trends/insights and keyword data on how many people are looking for the product.
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      Hey Harrie,., Thanks for sharing your views.

      Sales Page and Copy is really an important factor to take care of before selecting any affiliate offer..
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      Originally Posted by Romeo90 View Post

      My checklist is very simple: i only promote products that I use myself.

      It is not for everyone, but works for me.
      Thanks Romeo90, Thats a valid point.. If you have used the product that you want to promote then you can easily review it and help others by your personal experience with the same.
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    The product needs to be one I personally use
    High quality
    The owner must provide quality support
    Must match my list's needs

    EPC's don't matter much to me because if I give quality products to my subscribers they will become customers for life.
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      Many a times people decide with a product in mind before thinking about the market and it should be the other way around,

      Market research


      keyword research


      check product gravity in clickbank,landing page, EPC, high
      commission - is it
      something that I would buy if I promote to my buyers?

      If I won't buy then obviously they won't either.
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    Originally Posted by sketchaddict View Post

    I think the most important reason why People Fail in Affiliate Marketing is that they go for a wrong product selection which don't sell.
    ... or one which they can't sell, to their traffic, anyway? Yes, I agree with you.

    I make most of my income from ClickBank, and my own selection criteria are right here:
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    • I like the product.
    • The product is something my readers want/need.
    • The product converts (I test and if it converts, I ramp up promotion)
    • Commission amount: I have a real soft spot for recurring commissions. However, I promote one-time commission, low commission, lifetime commission and recurring commission products as long as they meet above criteria. In my view every affiliate should find one quality, high converting recurring commission product to build up passive income. There are some gems for certain industries that convert well ... small markets, but a few hundred sales can set you up for a long time.

    I also promote local businesses for large commissions. My selection criteria is different and includes:
    • Non-seasonal
    • High-value customers so they will pay big commissions ($250 +)
    • The business can take on unlimited new business
    • Few negative reviews online
    • I like the business owner(s) (i.e. trust them)
    • Located in mid-sized markets so there's sufficient demand, but it's not too competitive.
    How I hit $10,000+ per month very fast w/ 1 niche blog - Click Here to learn more (no opt-in).
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    1. Make sure I'm establishing a JV relationship.
    2. Make sure the person has a great reputation.
    3. Make sure the product is good.
    4. JV relationship
    5. JV relationship
    6. Same as 1,2 and 5.

    That's it.
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