Video Sales Page vs Webinars

by bbb7
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Which one convert better in your opinion?

Or should we do both?
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    Hey Buddy!

    I think webinars are better for higher ticket products....

    Not as much point holding a webinar for a $9 product for example... lots wont turn up etc... so you need to monetize the ones that do!

    at least with a sales page, they are directly hitting that page and can see the offer...

    A webinar can sell better for higher ticket also.. as its more personal and you can pitch better and go into more detail.
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    Originally Posted by bbb7 View Post

    Which one convert better in your opinion?

    Or should we do both?
    If you can do both, do both, it is the only way to know for sure. Test Test Test! In numbers we trust, everyone can tell you what they THINK will work but in reality it may not work, only when you have the data you will KNOW which one is better.

    I wrote this thread a few weeks ago, it may be worth a read:
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    Butters is on point.

    I once sold a product via a webinar (no WSO for it), and about 200 people showed up using someone else's list.

    The ticket price was $197, wesold about $12,000 worth on that call.

    A few months later, I saw someone attempt to put a similar product together on the warrior forum for about $9 bucks.

    Not sure, but I'd much rather take the higher pay day if I could and forgo the negative review stream that any product creator can amass if they're not careful.

    Not to say that i wouldn't do it (in fact working on a wso to be released shortly), however, its important to stratify and be prolific.

    Stratifying allows you to sift through those that are willing to pay more, therefor are better quality customers, and being prolific allows you to reach more folks to sift through.

    Hope that was helpful and wsih you the best of luck with whatever it is you're working on.


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  • for higher ticket it's webinar because most people want to think about it if it's a video and with webinar it better forces them to make a decision like durring an event
    soon people... Relax...
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    I have to agree with the above warriors. Webinars have always worked better for me for

    sales conversions and opt-ins.
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    I believe it is important to do both. It also matters what type of traffic is sent to either type, warm or cold makes a ton of difference.

    Also i really do think automated/evergreen webinars are amazing. You are giving the viewer high perceived content, creating trust and giving them a no brainier opportunity. So i believe automated webinars is the way to go!
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    Originally Posted by bbb7 View Post

    Which one convert better in your opinion?

    Or should we do both?
    Well conducted helpful webinars are certainly much more effective for conversions.
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