The Summer Sales Slowdown Myth

by Steven Wagenheim 5 replies
You've all heard it.

"Well, it's summer so sales are going to be slow. I'll be so glad when
September hits"

You may have even said this yourself, or something close to it.

Well, guess what?

This August was my BEST month of this whole year, breaking $14,000 in

Okay, so why?


See, most marketers think that the summer sucks. So you know what they
do? They go off to the beach and leave their businesses for a couple of
months. Oh, they may do a few things here and there, but not much. They
don't do much promotion at all.


I bring out the heavy artillery. I increase my efforts during the summer.

Ultimately, I reach people that might have been reached by my competition
and make sales I might have not normally made.

This has worked for me almost every summer since I've been doing this.
Even my very first year, August was my best sales month.

So if you think the summer sucks, think again.

If you go out there and make it happen, it will happen.
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  • Profile picture of the author Shane N
    Way to go Steve, talk about thinking strategically outside of the box!

    Thanks for the you'll be competing with me every summer!

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    It is part attitude. If sales are down, do some marketing! I did have a slow month in June, so I hired 16 new sales reps. Marketing efforts have really paid off with the last two months being the best ever!
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      Summer is slow for me simply because my niches are tied to the school year - so I naturally see a drop in traffic come summer. But I keep at it so that when the school year starts again I have that many more posts and links built to grab all the search querries.
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        I started noticing a pattern every year that my sales are always increased during the period between January and May, actually more like January through March-April.

        Let's put it this way the first part of the year through spring.

        Now, I mostly sell information products so I don't know about tangible products, Especially those are seasonal.

        And as we approach the major holiday season i.e. November through December it slows down dramatically for informational products.

        Now these are the patterns that I've noticed with my business over a period of But 11 years online.

        I have to agree with Steve that I do notice overall a slowdown with promotions during the summer and I think that's because a lot of marketers take vacations and are enjoying the things that you can do during the summer times.

        Thats kind of ironic, I was thinking the same thing though, that it's a great time to capitalize on this area of time where other markers left off. Literally.

        Frank Bruno
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