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I got 10 sites coming up for renewel. a couple of .com, .net, .org, .info They are about 3 years old. A couple ended up being niches that sold well and worth keeping. The other 8 barely made their $10 renewal fees through sales or adsense or actually cost money.

My question is, does having age make them worth anything?

And another major pain, 6 got hacked awhile back and took intense scrubbing and moving sites to a new server. What sucks is in Bing when you go to click on the site, you get the "sure you want to do this, malware has been detected" notice.

They're clean but not with Bing yet, should i just dump these sites and move on since they're not money makers?

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    Originally Posted by buckapple View Post

    ... should i just dump these sites and move on since they're not money makers?
    Yes. Take the emotion out of the equation, and just do the math. It actually feels good to let them go. Move on to where you can focus your time and energy...
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    Just dump them. I used to renew losing websites year after year until I realized it was costing a fortune.

    Keep the winners and prune the losers. There's no big advantage to 'domain age' that would make it worth keeping. As Warren said, take the emotion out of it.
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