Best fiverr gigs to buy for a newbie IM

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What are some good safe Fiverr gigs to help newbie IM make some money?
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    That's a pretty broad question. What do you plan to do to make money?
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    I'd go with 'NONE.'
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      Totally depends on what you need.

      For example, if you are creating an authority site, then it is probably worthwhile paying $5 for a logo to be made rather than spending two days grappling with an image editor (if that isn't your thing). Ditto goes for the likes of content. They won't make you money on their own, but they may free you up to be more effective at making money. Just don't get tangled up in the backlinks/SEO type packages - they really aren't needed if you're just starting out.

      Try doing an advanced search for 'fiverr' (title only). You'll probably find some useful threads pointing to recommended, effective gigs.
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      Originally Posted by PerformanceMan View Post

      I'd go with 'NONE.'

      Buy fiver gigs only and ONLY when you want to throw money out to the garbage bin
      and bankrupt your business, while also putting your business on the blacklist of Google and Facebook and making sure this way that you will never show up in any search results never again
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    Fiverr gigs can help support whatever you are currently doing to make money but I wouldn't buy a fiverr gig as a means to make money itself. If that's the goal, then sell a gig!!
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    There are plenty of good gigs but you really need to research the market and find out what you want to promote, create, sell, etc... You must have a clear cut plan before you do anything.
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    If you're just starting out then you don't need fiverr gigs. You need to learn and experiment. Otherwise you'll spend your money for nothing.
    Do you use Facebook ? Then you can make money just by inviting people to a Facebook group ! It's called the Instant Income System. How cool is that?
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    As mentioned... the design gigs.

    I suck at graphics, but for $5 I can get a squeeze page,
    ebook cover, website banner, logo or anything design
    related for cheap.. and way better than I would have
    done creating it on my own.

    You can find some promo gigs there that deliver
    results, and sum that will just cost you $5.

    Stay away from any traffic gigs, they're mostly bots
    or garbage traffic.

    It really depends on what you're trying to do to make
    money online, but there's a few diamonds in the rough
    over at fiverr.. just like all the other websites where you
    can hire someone to do work for you, you run a chance
    of getting burned, but for $5 you can get a feel for a
    providers' ability to perform or fail.

    A good rule of thumb is if you're working with someone
    for the first time online, don't be surprised if they
    deliver crap. At least at fiverr you only get burned $5
    at a time when that happens.

    I buy a lot of small gigs on fiverr, but I have a plan
    of action and know what I'm doing... make sure you
    have an idea of what you're going to do and use
    fiverr as a means to get cheap labor that may or may
    not pan out.. it's all about trial & error like every thing
    else IM.
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    The keyword research services there are pretty good

    Also, avatar services are great too for building a brand on forums
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    I forgot. There are many ways to make money off Fiverr. One way is to FLIP services. You buy stuff off Fiverr and resell them on forums and other places online where buyers will pay more. Buy low. Sell high. Rinse and repeat. Don't forget logo and graphics contests on many forums.
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    Logo's are great and fliers....Thats pretty much it. Maybe make yourself some personal business cards?
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