Dumping My Affiliate Software - Which Network Should I Chose?

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Hello all,

I am the owner of moralcash.com and have a variety of books, audios and videos in the self development market, mostly law of attraction products.

I have been using jrox affiliate software (JAM) for a long time, back when affdev and other solutions were young and not as polished as they are now.

What I want to do is streamline my business so that a third party

A) Tracks all the sales

B) Pays my affiliates for me

I don't want to upset my affiliates so I want to move ONCE.

Also, I like to provide LIFETIME COOKIES, so that once a customer is entered into my network, they are then introduced to other products of interest to them (via aweber) and the affiliate gets credit for ALL future sales.

I think this is important, and I don't know if I can offer that with clickbank.

I know many people will recommend Clickbank, but what about competitors such as JvZoo?

Thank you in advance for sharing any wisdom you may have on this subject,

- John Derrick
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