Do i have to be on the first page of Google to make good amount of money?

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Hello Guys, this is my first day at Warrior forum and i'm really excited.
i joined this forum because I've read a lot of honest threads & answers.

i had a long complicated relationship for 6 years and its over now its been 2 years.
so, i thought it would be a good idea to build a blog for dating tips while i learned a lot of things about this manner because it was too hard for me to date after i broke up with my Ex, so i built a website called
Perfect Date Tips - Your Trusted Guide For Perfect Date

i spent hours and hours looking for good keywords without any good results
my target was maximum 40000 webpages & at least 1200 monthly global searches. i also used Market Samurai for keyword analysis.

My question is:
do i have to be on the first page on Google to get a good amount of traffic and hopefully make some money.

i really have a lot of information and tips to share but there are a lot of competition and the youngest blog in my niche is 3 years old so it will be hard for me to get to the first page.

so is it really the only way to make a good amount of money, to be on the first page on Google.

my question might be stupid for some people but I've been in the blogging thing for less than a year, i learned everything from scratch.

any help is really appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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  • Wjdisawaqed,

    Being on the first page for your target keywords will deinfitely help you and it is part of a long term strategy however there are also a lot of other factors to consider. For instance you can promote things on social media or through a blog an get people to convert.

    Also, getting on the first page of Google is great however you still have to entice people to click on your site. If your meta description is not compelling enough or if your title tag structure leaves out important words, people may be less likely to click.

    Hope that helps,

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    Being on the first page of Google is a good way to make income, but don't get caught up in that belief or you could find out your business has been cut down by a penguin. Look for other ways to drive traffic, don't only rely on Google since they are always tweaking their algorithms and you could lose your rankings in a blink of an eye.
    " I knew that if I failed, I wouldn't regret that.
    But I knew the one thing I might regret is not ever having tried. "

    ~ Jeff Bezos

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    You actually need to be in the number 1 or 2 position to get much traffic from a keyword. A common way is to have a blog or website filled with many articles to target different keywords.
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    No it's worse than that I'm afraid. You have to be above the fold on the first page.

    Unless you have some other traffic source...
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    Yes, to consistently make money, I would say so.

    People don't much go beyond the first page, and when your site gets onto the first page, you can generally notice it happening, as sales start to occur for that page ...

    Martin Platt

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    For most people, "blogging as a business strategy" will end up Dead On Arrival. This is especially true if you're looking to start having the dollars role in quickly. Keep in mind that you're looking to compete in one of the VERY competitive (and lucrative) niches. The big question is...what's your hook? What makes you stand out from EVERY other site that's out there? Who EXACTLY will your tribe be?

    I think you're starting off WAY too general. If you make the site about everybody you're going to have to compete with the TOP sites in the industry that have dozens of writers, tons of cash, and years of experience.

    What if (instead) you targeted dating tips for software engineers? tips/tricks for those with herpes? Dating tips for recently divorced single mothers? You're still talking about a heckuva lot of people. The difference is that you could OWN those niches. You're not likely to own the "dating" niche overall...see what I mean?

    The first page question is answered if you niche down your topic, I think. The question I would ask back to you is, "Which first page?" The majority of your traffic isn't going to come through 1, 2, or 3's going to come from hundreds or thousands of longtail keywords. You'll be on a ton of "first pages" there. :-)
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    It's not essential, but it helps to be page 1 or 2 depending on what you are promoting.
    There are other ways of being successful online though without relying on Google.
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    About 90% of the traffic doesn't click on the second page while searching on Google out of which, 60% click on the first 3 results. So yes, it's quite important to be on the first page of Google to gain search engine traffic. In case the keyword you are targeting has a lot of searches, you could get search traffic even being on the 2nd page.
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    Originally Posted by wajdisawaqed View Post

    Do i have to be on the first page of Google to make good amount of money?
    No, of course not.

    Some of the internet marketers I know who have the highest and steadiest incomes have no sites anywhere near the first page of Google.

    You typically have to be (high) on the first page of Google to make a good amount of money from Google traffic, but search engine traffic is only one type of traffic, and as these things go it's a particularly unreliable, precarious and difficult one.

    Personally, I'd advise you not to put too much of your time and effort into trying to attract "organic SERP's" traffic, for two main reasons: first, it's very precarious and makes your business Google-dependent, and any business that's Google-dependent is no more than one algorithm-change away from a potential accident (or even a potential disaster), as so many Warriors have been finding out over the last year or two, some of them to their very great cost; secondly, for me, search engine traffic has been uniformly the worst-converting traffic out of everything I've ever tried in 8 entirely different niches over the whole of the last 4 years - search engine visitors to all my websites typically stay the least time, view the fewest pages, opt in the least often and actually buy anything by far the least often. I admit I do get tons of search engine traffic to all my main sites (because high rankings for multiple keywords happen to be a minor side-benefit of the main targeted traffic-generation method I use to build my business) but I'd certainly hate to have to make a living just from that traffic, and I wouldn't even be cursing too much if Google de-indexed all my sites this afternoon.
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    nop, you can generate traffic from social sites, forums, blogs, ppc, articles sites and many more other places.
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    I don't think you have to be on the first page to make money. If you know who you are targeting, you can get the traffic through other means.

    I like CPA-Money's ideas of social sites and article marketing. Give it a go and see what happens.

    Good luck
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    If you want traffic from Google, you must be on the first page, at the first 4-5 position.
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    You seriously do not need to be on the first page of Google because a lot of traffic will still trickle into the second and third page. When I promoted one of my CPA offers, I was on the second page of my niche topic and still got about 30 FREE visitors a day on Google. I am still working on getting the website to the top, but hey, I am still getting the traffic that I want.
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    I'm living proof that you don't need to be on the first page.

    I spent years making a great full-time income online without giving Google a second thought. To this day, I have no idea which (if any page) my site appeared on for keywords that people would have used to find it.

    I prefer to stick to marketing techniques that I can control, that are not likely to turn off my traffic overnight.



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    I definitely agree with what Neil and Alexa are saying.

    Google is a great source of traffic, but you see time and time again that it's unreliable and you can drop from your first page, or even first spot, ranking in the blink of an eye.

    Traffic from forum posting, guest blogging, building an email list, social media, etc are all much more reliable and controllable than the traffic that you get from Google; and often times it is much more targeted.

    Just my opinion.

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      You don't even have to be indexed in Google to make money.

      Search engine traffic is just one of the many sources of traffic out there and it's not the best one either because it's very unreliable.

      To your question, take a look at this image:

      Although those numbers fluctuate a lot depending on the type of keyword, niche, etc. That can give you an idea of the type of traffic that you can get if you rank on the first page of Google for your keyword.

      So if you get the 2nd place for a keyword with 10000 searches a month. You'll receive about 1345 visitors/month.

      Will that make you money? Who knows. It depends on your website and on how well it will convert for that specific source of traffic.

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        I have been always trying to game the google but in the end I got gamed... It's not easy getting ranked anymore and even if you do get ranked, you have have the additional pressure of being able to stay ranked within the first 10 results. In fact it's better to be in the top 3 of the first page results because searchers don't care much about 4-10 and traffic continues to drop as you go down the page.
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    Hey Alexa,

    do you mind sharing your traffic source(s) ???

    All the best

    Damn I should have taken a screenshot of that PPC ad. DAMN !!!!!!!

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      Originally Posted by busting View Post

      Hey Alexa,

      do you mind sharing your traffic source(s) ???
      Hi - more than three-quarters of my traffic comes from article marketing (i.e. not SEO-related at all, as explained in the post linked to there); I also get floods of SEO traffic (but that's dreadful quality, by comparison), and little bits of "intermediate-quality traffic" from things like blog-commenting, forum-commenting, Yahoo Answers, and so on, but I haven't done so much of that, over the last year.
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    There is no guarantee that you will be on the first page of Google. I hate to say this but there is a good chance that no matter what you do, you will never see your website on page one.

    The best way to get a lot of traffic is to use paid advertising for now since you are new and also make sure to start up your own affiliate program so that people can sign up to it and then have them promote your website for you. I know that it is easier said then done but this is what most very successful website owners do.

    Then I would also buy a course on how to market online and learn all the strategies. After you learn everything, start to put these into action and do this everyday. After a month or two, see which ones work best for you and which ones don't.
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    Definitely You Mus be on top 10... and top 5 to be certain traffic and maybe convert... there are a lot of things that you have to know to convert your traffic. but stay positive and you'll be fine. and Welcome to the forum.

    Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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    You will need to be on the first page of Google if you want to get decent traffic from the searches engines...

    The great thing though is there are tons of different ways to obtain traffic, and the only thing it will cost you is time or money.

    A few free methods that work great are....

    - Forums
    - Blog commenting
    - Guest posting
    - Writing articles
    - SEO
    - Creating newsletters
    - Social Bookmarking
    - Blogging
    - Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)

    The trick is to pick 2 methods you believe you would enjoy doing then stick to only those methods. Once you see results move to to 2 new methods.

    After you have tried every method discard the ones that are not producing results - and focus on the ones that are.

    If you want the paid route - tried solo ads. If done correctly you can make profit on your investment.
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    Being on the front page of Google is great, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you will make good money. After they click on your site, your site still has to do the job of convincing them to subscribe, or buy from you. Plus.... google can always change their ranking methods. I wouldn't totally stop optimizing for google, i just wouldn't put all my eggs in one basket.
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    • Profile picture of the author Brandon Tanner
      Being ranked in the top spots for desirable keywords is no guarantee that you will make any money... for several reasons. There is a lot more to it than that. Does your site's content engage the reader, instill trust, and do a good job at getting your visitors to perform your desired action? (ie opt-in to your list, or click on an affiliate link, etc).

      Also, is your site targeting buyers, or just people looking for "advice"? It's much easier to sell to people who are already looking to buy something, than it is to sell to people just searching for general info. For example, I'd rather be ranked in the #3 spot for "best dating guide", than in the #1 spot for "dating advice" or "dating tips".

      That said... relying on SEO as your primary source of traffic is very risky these days, as your site's rankings could get TKO'd literally overnight by a single Google update. It happens all the time. If you really care about the site, diversify your traffic sources as much as possible (media buys, PPC, YouTube, blog commenting, niche forums, social media, press releases, etc).

      Also... I took a brief glance at your site. I see that you have an opt-in form on the home page (very smart)... but nothing really attracted me to it. A few quick suggestions for your opt-in form...

      1) The headline is rather weak ("Do you need a date guide"). Blah! Check out some of the top-ranked dating products on ClickBank, etc for headline ideas, or Google "how to write a great headline". If you spend 20 minutes researching this, you could come up with something 100X better. Look at Double Your Dating, for example ("Learn the secrets most men will never know about women and dating"). See the difference? Also, the headline font should be bigger and stand out more.

      2) Get a nice, professional graphic for your opt-in form (ie a pretty girl in the background, nice looking bullet points, a big arrow pointing to the input forms, etc). In other words, make it really stand out on the page.

      3) Get that sucker above the fold!

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  • Profile picture of the author TimothyTorrents
    Not necessarily. You don't have to depend entirely on Google to make a good amount of money. There are lots of other sources of traffic out there. Of course, being on the first page of Google won't hurt.
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  • Profile picture of the author wajdisawaqed
    Guys, i really appreciate every second you spent here writing me an answer or opinion thank you all.i think this is the first time for me i really communicate with other people through my laptop, it really feels nice

    Thank you so much Brandon Tanner for checking my website. the website not ready yet, i'm still writing, editing and working on the layout but i will 100% work on what you mentioned.

    MKCookins thank you for the ideas

    Alexa Smith your point is really imprtant and i'll keep it in mind.

    Neil Morgan i really liked what you said it makes me feel good to know not to only rely on google as a traffic source because it is really hard. thank you

    TryBPO thank you for the nice advice what you said it is really important and i'll keep it in mind

    Pedro thank you for the helpful image, much appreciated.

    i can't mention everybody but really THANK YOU ALL you guys are amazing.

    i'm stuck with online business now while i don't know how to do anything else i don't sing i don't dance i don't know how to do anything else except Computer. i'm doing two jobs now and i'm really tired it's 7:30 here in sydney and i have to be at the office in 1 hour i really don't like my job so i'm dying to start my small online business but it is really hard, i will never ever give up till i have the ability to make a living from my laptop and quit my 2 jobs but i will really need your help guys and i would appreciate any kind of info to to keep me going, i almost spent the first year now learning the online business thing without making a penny while i don't have much time to spend on it i always come late and tired from the 2nd job. i will keep trying but don't hesitate to help me please.

    Thank you all again and i really hope that i will find the help i'm looking for here with you guys.

    i still have to many questions but i think it's better to write them in a different thread.

    Have a lovely day
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    No you do Not have to be on the first page of Google to make good money online. In fact being on the first page of Google doesn't even guarantee that you will make good money.
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    It certainly helps to bring in traffic but i wouldn't revolve my whole business model around being first in google.

    Let's say that's 1 aspect of your business and you gradually build up all the mediums such as listbuilding, social media, video marketing etc..

    You will need to engage your visitors if you want to turn a blog into a real business. It's not easy but don't give up and you'll make it
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    I happen to be an SEO guy myself and from my experience the best way to get traffic and visibility is to rank well for keywords/keyword phrases. And I don't just mean a few here and there. Article marketing is another way to get a lot of traffic since your articles can get picked up by publishers who put your article on their site (with your links intact). The best way to get a lot of traffic is to create massive amounts of content and promote the hell out of it, people will tell you this stuff is a science but its really just a numbers game.
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    First or at least second.

    Just think about it, whenever you you use google yourself, how often do you go further than the 2nd page?
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      Just a thought-Mardi Gras coming up ( I think )
      Good Luck
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