Top 10 Evergreen Niches - Your Opinion?

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Evergreen - A word that I have been circling around for a while, and it seems that its about that time to jump in and get a site/blog up and running. It's been almost a year since I found the wonderful forum here and knew anything about making money online. Ideas pop in my head everyday, so many in fact that it keeps me from doing anything, learning anything and most important testing the waters.

So finally I went ahead and registered a pretty generic domain name, that can be used for literally anything, and even better multiple markets/niches with the ability to be expanded throughout time.

Of course just being me I see it taking a extremely long time getting the content to a point where the site will be worth anything as far as monetizing or traffic is concerned. Although I do have a general idea of how to overcome this once I learn to do it on my own first. (not outsourcing though)

This is mainly so that I can practice my blogging/article skills and also start learning and implementing different traffic methods. My main focus right now is learning how to setup and get the most out of analytics so that I can really see what is working and what is not.

Back to the topic at hand though, I want only evergreen blogs and articles for now so that I can get the best outlook on whats working and whats not. I dont want to have to deal with trends or whats hot now might not be hot 6 months down the road.

So what do you guys think the top TEN evergreen niches are. This will help me in setting up the different categories so I can start writing and researching.

Thanks in advance.
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  • The top 3 main needs are

    Getting Paid,
    Getting Laid,
    Don't die

    If your niche can address one or multiple aspect of those 3 needs, you are in business
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      Originally Posted by marcos@ simpleanalytics View Post

      The top 3 main needs are

      Getting Paid,
      Getting Laid,
      Don't die

      If your niche can address one or multiple aspect of those 3 needs, you are in business
      HHAHHHAAHHAAH! Marcos! You made my day! Can't stop laughing! So true!!! Totally evergreeeeeeeenn!!
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    Health and Wealth niches.

    Look at "need to have" niches and not at "nice to have"

    Lots of competition but every site needs hosting.
    It is happening at Sign up for my
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    In my opinion:

    Home and Garden
    Weight Loss
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    If you look for evergreen niches, just ask yourself what will people always need and what do they easily buy on the internet?

    I'm sure you can come up with some things
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    You can sum it up like this.

    Health, Wealth, Relationship

    Anything that falls under that umbrella is an Evergreen niche. Why? 10 years from now people will still want to know how to "find the one", "get rich", and "stay healthy" long after Justin Bieber and the Harlem Shake fade into obscurity. Not to mention, it does not matter how technology advances these are questions that technology can not solve. Therefore unlike creating a blog to promote iphones which could one day become obsolete, there will ALWAYS be health, wealth, and love problems that people want to solve.
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    The niches already mentioned ARE evergreen, but they are also quite large. So breaking them down into smaller niches will make it easier. For example Christian (Catholic, Jewish) Dating, SEO (Affiliate, CPA) marketing, While the main niche isn't a BAD thing, it's just more difficult to tackle them first.

    I'm available for Virtual Assistant work. Article Writing, Blog Comments, your basic grunt work. PM me for starters and let's talk.

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      There are only 3:


      Everything else is a spin off

      What you have to look at is Need Vs Want
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        Originally Posted by Andre Slater View Post

        There are only 3:


        Everything else is a spin off

        What you have to look at is Need Vs Want

        Perfectly said...
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    Thanks everyone, guess the main ones I had already thought of, but was kind of trying to get more. Maybe there arent many more than that.

    Appreciate every ones input.

    If anyone is willing to talk one on one and is in any of the main markets / niches pm me.

    Would love to pick your brains and share some ideas.

    If this post was useful please show your appreciation by hitting the THANKS button. ----- Right here V

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    and relationship are on top...

    in sub niche diabetes is really hot and you can consider it as evergreen.
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    I think about 90% of niches are evergreen, besides technology, and even that's evergreen if you think about it in the long run. People are always going to want to buy all kinds of things.
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    You have to adapt. Maybe there are seasonal niches, ro others which are available only during certain years ( like the end of world topic ). However, even if the event passes it may still be viable, if you do the right things, but the interest will be lower and you HAVE to adapt. You will have the experience advantage in that topic.

    For example, if you wanted to take the advantage of the "end of world" topic, now you can move along and search for the next hype with the end of world. The topic is still alive but there is very low interest right now. Get along with the conspiracy builders and maybe in 2020 will be another episode and you will rake in earnings again. At any moment there are a lot of people who are thinking and searching about the end of world.

    Another example, in technology, things are changing fast, you have to adapt. For example, if you write right had a website related to symbian, you may have problems right now, but you can always adapt to windows 8. Even if you had the world symbian in the domain name, your readers can understand the move and slowly invest your promotion into a new domain.
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    Heath and fitness
    Home and garden
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    I go for Wealth, Health, and Relationships.
    No Clicking Here - I Repeat No Clicking Here
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    Dating, Dating and Just Dating
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    Very good thread. Nice contribution(s).

    May I sum up and add some:

    Wealth: (Make Money)
    --- Forex
    --- MMO/IM
    --- Real Estate

    Health: (Live Better)
    --- Home and garden
    --- Sports
    --- Fitness
    --- Relationship
    --- Weight Loss
    --- Dating

    „The health niche is truly one of the most profitable niche markets around.“
    Article Source:

    . Muscle Building (Protein Powder)

    . Stop Smoking (Fake Cigarettes)

    . Hair Loss (Hair Growth Vitamins)

    . Acne (Pimple Cream)

    . Liver Cleanse (Detox etc.)

    . Tinnitus Control (Ear Ringing Relief)

    . Stop Snoring (Remedies)

    . Pregnancy

    . Hemorrhoids

    . Teeth Whitening

    . Sneezing or Allergies

    . Liver, Kidney Cleanse

    . Constipation Relief

    . Vision, Glasses

    . Chiropractic Care

    Source: 9 Profitable Health Niches You Should Take Advantage Of |

    [Getting Paid, Getting Laid, Don't die]
    - very nicely said, lol
    Source: marcos@ simpleanalytics
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    I shouldn't be giving this away but oh well.

    The cat juggling niche is very hot right now. Desperate buyers with lots of disposable income.

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    I have entered the growing your pee pee market in 2013, and so far doing very well from it. I sell info pdf ebook and back end that with a physical products or 3 for that matter. after much testing its doing well.

    I think unless you are born an afro american male, u need what I am selling. LOL..haha, its a good niche to be in i think, and I was unsure about - entering it. [the niche that is LOL]
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    the other niches to be in is.

    Make money
    get wealthy
    fountain of youth stuff.
    self help.

    Over the years these niches have been the most profitable.
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    I am getting good profit in following niches.
    Forex, Money Making (yest its true, there are lots of methods available for this niche).
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    I think in the top group would have to be health and fitness, creating a home business, dating and relationships, how to make money online and internet marketing.

    You would have to pick a sub-niche in these niches because they are very competitive.
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    Evergreen Niches:

    1. Food
    2. Clothing
    3. Shelter
    4. Safety
    5. Passion
    6. Pain
    7. Entertainment
    8. Meaning/Philosophy
    9. Growth
    10. Contribution
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    Like many have stated , dating, health and wealth stuff, but also another couple of good ones are Fishing and Golfing
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    Anything that has a human need:

    I Sell What People Want. The Money Is A Bonus..
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