I had a good day yesterday.

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Well I wish I could tell you all I made a ton of money, but fact is not a dime trickled in. It seems when I actually do a campaign, I rarely make any money. No it comes when it's least expected. I might be on a movie beng, doing stuff with the family, or playing video games when I get the paypal notifications.

No, yesterday was not to different. I did some marketing, cleaned up my twitter account a bit and on a whim I went to Godaddy and typed the first name that came to mind that targeted my niche and to my surprise it was available! To sweeten the deal, they had a 99 cent special. I bought that succor and I later found out it is over 6 years old. Not bad!

So in the wee hours in the morning I spent installing and working on the site layout. Now all is needed is content and a bit of cosmetics. It is pretty nice to find what you are actually looking for once. Now I have a money tree to grow.
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