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by jbyte
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I have an opportunity to work with a local mortgage broker by receiving fees for leads through a niche site I would develop.
The market is a bit small but the payments are large and worth my time.

My thoughts are to provide articles regarding buying a home, getting a mortgage, inspection, etc but tailor it towards the local market.

Anyone have an suggestions or tip for this kind of a site?
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    Drive trageted traffic- don't rely on SEO and search.

    You want to drive active leads you can sell to your broker.

    Craigslist is a great lead generator for these types of sites. Write a great CL ad, post it in the geo-targeted area you work in and send the leads to your site or have them call your number for more info.

    Other classified sites and local real estate sites and forums are good.

    Write a press release for local papers and see if you can get some free publicity:

    "Local Entrepreneur Helps Struggling Home Owners"

    Talk about your new business. Talk about the problems home owners face with refinancing. Talk about how you started the business to help local people.

    Make it a news story about you and the business you are starting.

    Rather than just publishing your articles on your own site and hoping for SEO traffic, look for local magazines and web sites related to finance, real estate, etc. and offer to write articles for them to target their audience.

    Look for a local company that will do "bandit signs" around your targeted area. Just google "(your city) bandit signs".

    Look on for people who will create and deliver flyers in your city for cheap.
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      Great suggestions, thanks. Was thinking of kijiji as well.

      I fix WordPress problems, PM me if you need help

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        Originally Posted by jbyte View Post

        Great suggestions, thanks. Was thinking of kijiji as well.

        LOL I see you are in Canada. Yes, Kijiji is also a great source up here.

        There are often good local solutions. is big here in Ottawa. They have a site for most cities in Canada like

        I don't know if other cities "used" sites are as popular as Ottawa.

        I do remember when it launched in Ottawa a few years ago it was heaviliy promoted by "bandit signs" and you would see "" with no other text on signs plastered on lightposts and lawn signs at every intersection in the city.
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