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I've noticed a lot of internet marketing gurus moving away from the old sales letter look.

Eban Pagan, Ryan Deiss, and several others have much more conventional websites these days.

I'm looking for a very clean theme that's able to market in the salesy direct response way we all love - but without looking like an IM sales letter which to me, can seem sketchy.

For me, optimizepress is out of the running.

Has anyone used other themes?

I would like the theme to look like any of the website below:

I like Fusion WordPress Theme. (I like the page selling the theme, not the theme itself)

Other websites I like:
Text The Romance Back with Michael Fiore
FreshKey Keyword Analyzer Software - Brought to you by Digital Marketer
Link Building Training Course - Point Blank SEO
Optimize Press | Pro Internet Marketing Tools (I like the page selling the theme, not the themes they offer within)
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