How do I activate dead affiliates?

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Over 9,700 affiliates with PDC, all emails went through yesterday morning to their PDC accounts however, no traffic or activity. They are like ghosts. Granite some are a YEAR OLD BUT not all are very old at all. How does that factor? How do I resurrect the dead?

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    How do I activate dead affiliates?
    I know a shaman who does this kind of rain dance thingy that raises
    affiliates from the dead.

    I'm not sure how effective they'd be as marketers though. I would think that
    their skills have become rusty with all that decomposition going on in their

    But you could give it a try.
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    I signed up to PDC at one point and never did anything with anybody
    there at all. Not sure why really, seems to be a combination of things.

    Complaints on the board here that they weren't getting paid by vendors there.

    Complaints on the board here about getting hammered with sales pitches by the PDC people promoting their own products.

    Seems semi complicated to use, I just logged in for the first time in ages and was presented with a video presentation for products as well as a Bonus of ?? allowing me to promote all affiliates in the marketplace or something.

    None of that would probably matter if there weren't another marketplace that was already loaded with products and works just fine.

    Oops, just clicked the "No Thanks" button which then showed the hidden button to continue and now I'm on a 2nd chance offer page and I still haven't reached the area to promote your product yet and I'm not going to continue clicking through just to try and find a product to promote.

    Maybe I'm in the wrong place???

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      Thanks all! I will then try the drip method and keep on them with FREE, FREE, FREE and recheck my "enough content" that one of you fine warriors mentioned. Just so stumped as I watch my livehuman panel and very few even reading my emails and hardly anyone getting them from PDC I am sure.

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