Any ideas on monitizing a newly created Aweber account?

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Could anybody give me some ideas as to how to monitize a freshly created list so that I can at the very least pay hosting bills and Aweber bill for the first month of launch? I am in the last few phases of designing/developing a site I will put up but I am on an absolute ZERO budget. My hosting will only be around $20 - $30 per month but when I checked the pricing for Aweber I went into panic for about half a second.

I want to create a close relationship to my list, I want to show them products that will actually solve their problems and give them free info from time-to-time, I have absolutely no desire to be sending emails every day trying to make a buck because I know bull#*!t instantly when I see it and so will my subscribers.

Though Since I am on a ZERO budget, I think I may run into the problem of earning enough money to pay the first months bills since I am starting from scratch. I estimate that I can probably get around 1,500 - 2,000 subscribers my first month from TE's and safelists, so in lies the issue of being able to immediately monotize within 30 days: I fully realize that most subscribers will want to see AT LEAST 5-8 emails from you (which I can automate) before you can build your rapport of trust with them before they are willing to open their wallets.

Any ideas on how to get through my 'dreaded first month'?
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