Google analytics + Ejunkie goal tracking Help

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For anyone who has done this, please weigh in...

I have read some bad experiences where ejunkie + analytics was not tracking peoples conversions properly... Ejunkie even admits to a possible fault themselves in the below paragraph:

"Most third-party conversion-tracking services presume you are using a traditional e-commerce software package that gets installed on your own server and which controls every step of the shopping and purchase process from end-to-end;"

It actually gets a little worse than that, as they say it may not track things as well since there are basically 4 websites in the checkout process: My website, Ejunkie, Payment processor and Google analytics.

But before I ditch e-junkie for something I host on my server, has anyone had experiences with tracking goals / conversions with ejunkie + analytics? Any problems?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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