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I have a wordpress blog I have the "Generation Plugin" installed and would like to use that form to capture leads Names and Email addresses and send them to my email address.

I used to use Popup Domination which allowed me to send the leads to my email address, but I have no idea how to do that via the Generation Plugin.

Are there any scripts/forms out there that will let me capture the leads generated by my site without an autoresponder software?

I don't have any at the moment and have to deal with using email for now.

I tried to copy the php functionality of Popup Domination with little success (I don't know much about php or forms/scripts).

I know it has to be possible. I receive an email whenever someone uses my Contact Me form on the website, so I just want to incorporate that same functionality into my Generation forms.

I know that was long winded but I just wanted to be thorough. I hope someone out there can help me, I have tried for hours but finally decided to ask for help.
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    It is all possible. You just need to add the functionality to the plugin which does require PHP knowledge. You can either learn that or...

    Why not use a free mailchimp account? They have all the functionality you need and even a wordpress plugin. Plus you will be able to safely email your people as well as export the contact data.

    And don't be worried about 'free'. The only minus is that they only allow double optin which requires people to confirm their email address. But that is actually a good thing: you will not have to waste space for fake inputs. People who won't confirm will likely not read your emails anyway.

    If you still hate this option, there are autoresponder, newsletter plugins for wordpress. Just use their plugin search and you will find plenty of them.
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      Those are awesome ideas! Man I could have saved so much time by just asking for help instead of trying to learn php lol
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