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Remember: a tactic often used on a sales page is that when you click to close or leave the page you get a second offer. The second offer is often substantially lower than the original price. Sometimes you are offered a smaller package at a reduced price, but many times it's the same thing at a reduced price.

You know the ones, those pages that won't close without getting pop-ups first asking you are you sure you want to leave? Well, yes, I was sure, but now I want to see the rest of the story first, lol.

So there you go. Do you want to pay more or less for the same thing? That's a tough one, huh? lol

Personally, I find that insulting to all the buyers that paid the original price. In a sense it's like saying: "Hey, dummy, you should have just tried to leave and you would have gotten it cheaper"

Maybe this strategy gets more sales, but you have to question the relationship you are building with "loyal" customers, huh? In essence you are cheating them right from the start, no?

Anyway, from now on, before you buy anything, first try to exit the page, Let's teach the slick marketers that there is a price to pay for subliminal sales tactics. lol

And if you bought something, go back to the sales page and see if you could have gotten it cheaper. Maybe cancel your purchase and repurchase at the discount price. Sort of a pay back for playing with your wallet, huh? What's fair is fair, no? lol

On the other hand, why would you want to keep something when the seller is already "cheating?" you out of cash right from the start from his sales page?

I remember one product I opted out of that actually went to step three and offered yet another lower price. The difference between the first and third price was very significant.

Now here is one such program falling into this category:
Atomic Blogging
Get the platinum edition with VIP for $37 and $9.90 per month subscription.
Or click to close the page and get the package for $27 and $9.90 per month subscription.
That's 27% initial discount right off the batting mound.
Do this four times on purchases and you get a fifth program free. lol

Now why would anyone in their right mind buy anything again without first clicking exit to see if there is a cheaper price? Try it, you'll like it.
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    Now why would anyone in their right mind buy anything again without first clicking exit to see if there is a cheaper price?

    I thought everybody already did that.

    There was a time that you could scroll to the bottom of a sales page to find out what the price was, then the price got moved to somewhere around the middle of the page, then it disappeared altogether so the only way to find the price was to click on the 'buy now' button.

    It seems that this process will be self perpetuating with ever more devious attempts to hide the price from us.

    Right mind - what has that to do with anything?

    You might not like what I say - but I believe it.
    Build it, make money, then build some more
    Some old school smarts would help - and here's to Rob Toth for his help. Bloody good stuff, even the freebies!

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    I had to laugh at one I seen today. It said that only 100 people would get to purchase the program at this price blah blah blah but the sales page hasnt been updated since like 2006, so either this guy has not sold 100 copies yet (which makes me wonder how he is making such huuuuge amounts of money) or he is selling more than 100 at this price.
    I am new to all this, not even selling anything yet, just researching, but some of these tactics really make me laugh. I dont want to scam people and rip them off it just seems so dishonest.
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    I have to agree too many OTO's and downsells seem a bit stupid to me too. I know they work but for most people a simple one time oto should suffice. You can do that without becoming irritating.

    Steve Meade - Master Motivational Hypnotist and IM Pro

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    You won't believe how many people fall for all of this. Many IM tactics look dumb, but they work like charm. I guess that's because there is a probability of all types of people being on the internet, be it opportunity seekers (who especially might fall into such things) or serious businessmen.
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