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Hi, what are the top 4 'must have' to create a high converting squeeze page?
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    Originally Posted by Natasha2003 View Post

    Hi, what are the top 4 'must have' to create a high converting squeeze page?
    I'd say:

    1. Compelling headline
    2. Bullet points
    3. Call to action
    4. Compelling enticement

    Its basically just a page designed to make someone think its worth exchanging their email address for something.

    Have you heard of 'optimize press'? You should be able to get a really nice one with that.
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    My top four are:

    1. Headline
    2. Good Offer (what your visitors are getting in exchange for their info)
    3. Copy (includes bullet points)
    4. Design

    You should split test everything, though. Also make sure to try video squeeze pages and split test them against regular squeeze pages. It's not unheard of to have conversion rates in the 60-80% range.

    Also remember that your source of traffic is extremely important as well.

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    My top 4 would be...

    1. Keep it simple- give 3 good bullets to the beneift of your product
    2. Offer a free gift
    3. Create a benefit driven headline that will capture your visitors attention
    4. Have everything above the fold so the user does not have to scroll down.
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    Make it extremely easy for the visitor to see everything you are saying.

    Like many have said, the headline has to be very good

    Hope that helps!
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    Well a set of bullet points is not actually vital to a high converting squeeze page. There are plenty of squeeze pages in niches that use simply a headline and can often out perform a squeeze page with bullet points. Each market and niche will be different and that's something you need to test.

    The two things a squeeze page must have are:

    1) A very strong and very compelling headline

    2) An optin form above the fold so people can see and optin without having to scroll
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    It's really all about the offer. Your headline should be benefit driven and should pre-frame the traffic for what you are offering them in return for their email.
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    Thank you everyone!
    It seems like a beneficial headline is a must.
    Has anyone had better results using a
    Video instead of a regular?
    And also, are the colors just as important?
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      Originally Posted by Natasha2003 View Post

      Hi, what are the top 4 'must have' to create a high converting squeeze page?
      I don't know. And neither, necessarily, do people who measure/test this with the assumption that opting more people in is inevitably going to lead to a bigger income.



      Originally Posted by Natasha2003 View Post

      Video instead of a regular?
      Not for me - after all the feedback I've had from so many subscribers, in so many niches, over the years, video is one of the few things I'm not willing even to test, myself (which I mention even though one or two people with financial interests of their own in video services often like to attack me here, just for commenting on it).

      http://www.warriorforum.com/off-topi...o-content.html <---- well worth reading!
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    1) Good headline
    2) Compelling story
    3) Image of the free offer
    4) Email only
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    1. Targeted Traffic
    2. USP - Unique Selling Position (even if your giving something away, your still selling)
    3. Tracking/Split-Testing Software Installed
    4. Back End that Supports PAID Traffic

    ...and of course what everybody else has mentioned. Good copy.
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    High Converting Squeeze Pages these days really should have some video. That will definitely separate you from the pack right from the start. And it doesn't have to be some incredible thing either. You can find an open source (FREE) screencast program here. Screenr. Its really good, and free.

    Aside from the video: like everyone has said...

    1. good copy
    2. compelling eye-catching headline using "action" words
    3. describe the value - (how much would this item normally be?)

    I have OptimizePress. They are great. Plus, they have many different Squeeze Page Templates, some with video too. You should check them out.

    Good luck
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    Here's my take based on my experience:

    1. Bold Headline
    2. Simple or No Bullets
    3. Email Only
    4. No Image
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    1) Personal Branding
    2) Big Bold opt-in form
    3) Make me believe you're the expert in the niche
    4) No cheap marketing tactics

    Don't fall into the trap of just doing the same as Frank Kern does, I'm sure that some of the design's he's found to totally suck are being used by copycats who are not doing the same level of testing.
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    Thanks everyone. Has anyone had success with fivverr squeeze page?
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