How Many Opt-Ins With 20 bucks

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Hey guys I am flat butt broke but I finally just saved up money to run some more marketing tests. (No matter how broke, I will find the way, I will not give up the dream)

I know there are so many different factors that come into play but in your experience how many opt-ins would you expect from $20?

I have no mentor so I figured I would ask you guys.

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    Hey man, I know how it is, I feel you, I have been in your exact shoes. I will tell you something you may already know. But if you develop an attitude that no matter what i will succeed with your IM business, have an all or nothing attitude it will fall in place. Work your butt off, learn, take action every day to grow your business. Do it every day. Honestly man look for a place to run a solo ad. You may be able to find some one to run a little solo ad for 20$ and set up a great follow up sequence and funnel. Once you get some opt-in and make more money. Re-invest and scale up, and repeat, over and over.
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    If you can gather around 10,000 keywords into PPC and bid $0.20 on each... that'll yield you 200 clicks (targeted hopefully). Sell a nice $27 product and break even (or make a profit)... then sell to the backend customer over and over again. Then repeat the process.
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    Honestly it would be impossible for anyone to say how many optins you will receive without seeing your squeeze page, product offering, etc. testing and tweaking is the key to maximizing your optin conversion rates.
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    How about building your own email list through click swaps. It will be a slow progress but that's the one of the free way you can promote your product. There are many list builders out there who are willing to do click swaps. Explore!
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    A good solo ads will cost you around $40 to $50 for each run, bu this is not a standard value. If you have $20, don't just spend it all on fiverr solo ads, if they value their list then there is no way someone will offer their list at that low price. I can't get you the exact value of number of people opt in. But here is some comparison : $80 solo ads will get you 40 - 60 opt in.
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    I wouldn't trust fiverr solo ads. To good to be true plus its not targeted.
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    Anyone who gives you a number will be wrong. Plain and simple. First, before you throw money out the window, test your optin/squeeze page and funnel with free, targeted traffic. On the forum, there are many discussions about this. Once you prove that the combination of optin page and funnel work, THEN and only then start using free traffic. This is the only way to be smart when the funds are limited. Good luck, I wish you much success.
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      Thanks guys for the help and information.
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    If you can get a good $0.30/click solo ad from Warrior Forum Classified Ads, you can get 66 clicks. If your squeeze page converts at 50%, you can get 33 optins for $20.
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      I've been testing AdFly traffic and $20 is more than enough to get started. I know many will complain about the quality of traffic but you can break even with a good opt-in and back end OTO. I see results at anywhere between $0.02 and $0.13 a subscriber after factoring in back end sales.

      Thanks, Shane
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    I believe you can find a solo ad that sells 50 clicks for around that price. Hopefully you get around 15-20 opt-ins with it.
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    What is the niche, and based on previous testing what sort of conversion do you expect to achieve for the squeezepage?

    Also do you have a proven marketing funnel in place that will result in you recouping some or all of your $20?

    The best way to get a boat load of clicks is media buying, but I don't know if you can buy anything for this low price point, and you would need to already have the banners already created to get started.
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    Hey bud, if you want I run co-ops with a bunch of my students where we buy traffic in bulk so that we can all get more clicks for our $'s

    If you're interested feel free to pm me
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    $20 is not enough for any meaningful type of split testing. All of the guys doing well with paid traffic will tell you that you need to expect to lose money for a while before you start making it. With paid traffic it's often only about 1-2 out of every ten campaigns that will make you money. You have to go through those other 9 campaigns first and be willing and prepared to lose money on those because they all get you closer to the one that does work.

    Paid traffic is not easy. But if you master it you can do very well. But you need a good amount of money if you are serious about things. You will burn through that $20 in a matter of minutes on any half decent traffic network. Certainly not long enough to get you any type of data.
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    It depends on what you are pushing but just based on my experience with Fiverr solo ads, you can range from 55 clicks to more than 200 on one $5 buy. There are really no guarantees regarding minimum clicks since it depends on your ad. As for conversion, again, it depends on what you are pushing.

    ORIGINAL CONTENT: Only $0.005 USD per word
    Quality Bulk Content for Articles / Blogs / Websites
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    Didn't notice if this was posted but try this dude:

    $20 should be a nice little test.

    Hope that helps.

    The only group with more actionable info than any WSO → The Parlay Society
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      Originally Posted by focusedlife View Post

      Didn't notice if this was posted but try this dude:

      $20 should be a nice little test.

      Hope that helps.

      I really can recommend him. I also just invested $20 in 50 a 50 click campaign. I got over 30 Signups with it, and also made a sale for $27. So I had $7 in profits, which I will now reinvest into another campaign. Since I was able to proof to my finance manager (wife), that it is possible to make some money with it, I can now spent a little more, to book larger campaigns. But it would be a great start for you also.

      Best wishes and good luck

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    If only working with 20 bucks, take it to Fiverr and forget solo ads for now. Instead, pay for people on Fiverr to post ads for you on Backpage, CL and other classified ad sites, with some enticing free opt-in offer linked to your squeeze page.
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    How about saving that $20 and just advertise a blog/page with paid products in your signature here on the WF?

    You'll get more than $20 if you're consistent in posting meaningful advice and having fun in general.
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    Hey I used to be broke as a joke when I first got started. What you can do is create 2 high value info products that compliment each other. Offer 100% commissions to all affiliates on the first product to build a list of buyers.

    In your autoresponder sequence you will promote your second product to your list of buyers immediately after they purchase the first product. Give them a huge discount good for the first 24 hours after they get your email.

    Automate that system and then concentrate 100% of your efforts on making deals with JV partners to mail your offer to their list.

    PS. This works amazingly well outside the MM niche as well.
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    OP. Just to warn you, note the people jumping on the chance to sell you something. Go with Will's advice.

    I'd invest that $20 in a domain name or your hosting. Or perhaps there is someone on Fiverr that can re-create a high converting opt-in form. Then focus on generating FREE traffic..

    As stated before.. $20 is nothing.
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    I would test out some fiverr gigs. My friend the other day got like 20 optins from a solo ad. But not sure how much money he spent before he struck gold.
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