Get As Much Traffic As You Like With The AnswerThon this weekend - April 25th - 26th

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Thought this may be relevant or useful to some!

I was just posting on another thread here @ WF about traffic generation from Yahoo Answers. Alternative "Answer" sources were discussed in the thread and i bought up Wiki Answers.

I am suscribed to WA newsletter and recieved an email about an AnswerThon this weekend. WA want people to answer as many questions as they can this weekend. They will be giving out prizes to those who answer the most questions.

So this may present a good opportunity for many this weekend:-

- Hang out in your relevant niche at Wiki Answers

- See what questions are being asked and what answers are being given

- Write relevant blog posts or articles from your findings (if you don't already have something relevant on your site!)

- Answer as many questions as you can. Don't spam, provide thoughtful, helpful answers and leave a link to your relevant blog post/article/website

And see what results you get!

WikiAnswers - AnswerThon

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