Offline Gold Just Landed In My Lap!!!

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Had a very impressive day and a story to share. Everyone has been raving about the money to be made in offline gold...and today I had it land in my lap.

You see I had an eye doctors appointment and I have spent the last week taking the various kids and so have built an almost daily repoire with this particular doctor. Anyways...he asked today what I did for work and I explained I was an internet marketer...and after the usual slew of what's that type questions...he said you're hired! Then he asked how much it would cost and immediatly see he has a brand new business model coming out which is way different than other optomitrists usually do so he really wants to get the word out and so I will now be doing it...with a residual income monthly for his hosting, awebber and all that stuff.

Moral of the is to be made in the least thought of places. Just build relationships with those in your daily life and you will be amazed what you can get...

In my case, $500 for the initial site...$100 a month residual...and my glasses and appointment for free...

And I had only ever contemplated trying the offline to online thing...never did anything but what I do normally in my life...who knows how the dentist appointment could go this week.

Hope this inspires you to get out there and build relationships and do this internet marketing thing the right way...don't hunt for the money...let it come to you.

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    Well done Sylvia, that's fantastic.

    Hmmm, I wonder if my kids need their eyes tested.......
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    Congrats Sylvia

    It's almost silly how easily these gigs can come your way when you've got your opportunity antenna up.
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    Congratulations. It's a good lesson on many levels.

    - Be nice to everyone, you never know where it will lead.
    - Be open to opportunities, they are everywhere.
    - Be open to barter, I've gotten some great stuff by taking partial payment in goods.
    - Be ready to take action now, opportunities never sit still for long.

    Good going!

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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      "Fate protects fools, little children, and ships called Enterprise." ~Commander Riker
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      Originally Posted by Dennis Gaskill View Post

      - Be open to barter, I've gotten some great stuff by taking partial payment in goods.
      Congrats on striking gold!

      Dennis is right on the mark with the barter comment... In the past month, in addition to fees for sites, I've hooked up a $1200.00 Herman Miller Aeron office chair, a family membership to the nicest fitness center in the area, and a bunch of steaks from the best meat market around.

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        Sylvia, CONGRATS!

        Great Job Gal!
        Would you be interested in a Free Personal use copy of my
        Make a Recurring Local Biz Fortune Video series?

        If so, just send me a PM with an email address and I'll send
        you a link.

        Have a Great Day!
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      Originally Posted by Dennis Gaskill View Post

      - Be open to barter, I've gotten some great stuff by taking partial payment in goods.
      This is a great point and should never be forgotten. Many times we are fixated on a specific price point for a product or service that we provide, usually out of necessity. Everyone involved in IM has gotten more than their fair share of low-ball offers for something before, sometimes (sometimes!) a worthwhile transaction can be rescued when you counteroffer for the money they offered, plus a product or service of theirs that you can use. Many people, when short on funds, are more than willing to trade a valuable produce or a few hours of their time for something that they are in need of. It can end up being a win-win situation.

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        Nice story and very typical of the way internet marketers get hired by regular brick and mortar business owners.

        When you're starting out the businesses where you already spend money are fantastic prospects for you to help with your internet marketing services.

        Kindest regards,
        Andrew Cavanagh
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    Nice going, Sylvia! I had a similar opportunity pop up recently. I needed an expert and called a friend to see if he'd be willing to be interviewed for an ebook. Turns out he needed advice on marketing his new business online. So now, I'm going to be building his website and hopefully it will turn into a paying gig down the road. At the very least, there are plans to do some bartering.

    I'm looking forward to seeing where this partnership will lead because I think his business is going to grow FAST and I can use this site as a prototype for others.
    Sometimes you've just got to be a little creative.

    Best of luck to ya!

    Hey, my name is Eunice.
    I've been an Internet Marketer since 2005.
    If you want to, you can connect with me on Facebook and Twitter. :-)
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      That is absolutely wonderful! Good for you!
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    Thanks everyone for the congrats.'ve got a few kiddos too...go for it LOL.

    Sandy...there are 4 other optomistrists in his office alone and his wife is also one at another office so I am going to make sure to make the right impression...I did a local search on google for optomitrists here and not many have websites or are located on Google maps.

    Dennis you are so right about being nice to everyone...and being willing to take payments in other means and barter...I have had a few offline clients land in my lap in this way and it sure does work well when it is stuff you need...and of course stuff they need...makes for a good trade in which everyone comes out ahead.

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    Kudos Sylvia! Keep us posted on your progress.
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    Thanks Michael...very nice of you.
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    It's wonderful when things just fall into place as if it were destined.
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    Well done to you, just make sure you don't loose the momentum.
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    Awesome! Now the next step would be to get a testimonial from him, obtain a list of other optometrists in the area, and send them letters offering your services!

    It's all about leverage.

    Also, make sure you get referrals from him for other optics.
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    Same here... copywriting services as well as a website is getting me two dental implants and cosmetic reconstruction (porcelain veneers, etc.

    I LOVE to barter!
    My niche is feeding my family... What's yours?
    Watch Us as We Do It Or D.IE... Are you Along For The Ride
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