Trying to Find a Way to Watch a Video with a Mute button on Standby?

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Hi, l have been watching a streaming video series online, but when it gets to the ad's, there isn't any way to mute the sound?

I have had to press control, alt, delete, (W7) to get the volume control to show up, or alt, funny arrows key to get the volume control a bit quicker' then bring up the volume control click on the small mute button, etc.

I have downloaded "Sound Lock" not sure whether it will work, and l was just wondering if there is a way to permanently have a volume control at the same time as the streaming video, so when am ad sneaks on, l can just press a mute button.

Or some free software online that will let me get over this annoyance?

Initially it wasn't too bad becuase there was some warning, before the ad's, but now it just appeals out of no-where, and since it is an ad, the ESC key wont work, and l have to go through multiple steps to mute the crap!!!! Grrrrrr

Help!!!! :confused:

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