Recommendations/referrals for an IM-savvy Virtual Assistant?

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I'm looking for a recommendation or referral for a reasonably-priced Virtual Assistant.

They should be pretty IM-savvy, meaning not having to train on 'basic' tasks like posting to WP blogs, submitting articles, social bookmarking, etc.

Also, can anyone who is using a VA they're happy with share what rates they're paying, what sort of tasks they're doing, etc.?


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    I would be happy to help out as long as the tasks are well communicated.
    Price would vary from 7-15 an hour. I can do anything.
    PM if you are interested.
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    I'd recommend one of our VAs Monthly pay is $650 for 8 hours of work everyday, Monday to Friday. We can submit articles, submit press releases, do forum posting, forum moderation, blog posting, blog commenting etc. We can also write articles and press releases for a discounted rate, if you're going to avail of the VA service
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    Mark, I'd recommend a fellow Warrior: "kool." Her name is Karuna and she's been working with me for several months. One of the best out there who'll go above and beyond the call of duty. Her rates are $10/hr and totally worth it.

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    Believe it or not, Craigslist is a great place to find people. You can even go to the Philippines version and get a good, inexpensive VA--tried that and got several responses from a basic ad!
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