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So right now I have all my videos for my video site going through youtube. I have some decent views and a small amount of subscribers, but my videos are not hosted anywhere else. I decided I will upload these to Vimeo but are there any other sites I can upload my content to (free) that will attract more viewers?

If you had to pick the top three places to have your videos where would you host them? Just some background on my videos, I teach game design and graphic design so all of these are tutorial videos lasting about 3-10 minutes in length each. Thanks
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    There's a guy on fiverr who will upload your youtube video to 40 video hosting sites. It's a pretty good deal.

    Sometimes ranks higher on google then youtube.
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    The thing is that youtube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world.

    The answer is yes you could find other websites to host your video's but I think it would be a waste of your time.

    I think you should spend that time marketing those video's, getting backlinks to those video's.

    Creating good video's in the first place.

    Just my two cents.



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    I do host for my clients video on the following sites:

    and I can go on but, I surely do submit it to various sites with relevant description but make sure it is not duplicate content on my description as well as optimized title.
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    Hmm, well yes you're right Youtube is probably my best bet overall. Just want to expand my reach. I suppose I'll post some stuff on Vimeo and see what kind of traffic I get. If I see that it's almost nil then I'll probably stick mostly to Youtube. Just wondering about this because I know similar sites like mine have a combination of Youtube and Vimeo for their content.
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    1. Re-purpose the videos you already have and upload them to Youtube with different titles, tags, etc.

    2. Upload all of those videos to as many other video sites as you can. There are services around that will do this for you. The more video sites you are on the more traffic you will get. Also the more videos you have on each site the more traffic you will get.
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