Any experience with the "saving money" or "frugal" niche?

by mg1000
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I was thinking of putting a product together for saving money or being frugal. Things like how to save money on groceries or how to save money on clothing or your electric bill, etc.

I was wondering if anyone has worked this niche before.
Because if these people are looking to save money then will they PAY money for this information lol? :confused:
also is it saturated?
I put in Frugal Living in google and was hit with many many sites that are all look like big sites
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    I would be very curious to see how you can monetize a niche whose sole goal is to not spend money ;-)

    I say that half-joking and half-serious... It would be one heck of a success if you got it to work!
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    I've tried that niche a little bit, but I can say that you're going to be putting in a lot of effort into monetizing it. Results may vary, but I spent about a month on it and I didn't get much!
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      Think long-term - because people will search for this
      sort of information not because they are misers or
      enjoy getting-by with less, but because their incomes
      have taken a hit.

      For many of these people their situation will improve
      and you can have their trust if you've been working
      to help them through the tough times.

      There is also a do-it-yourself component to simple
      living - well-represented by Mother Earth News: The Original Guide to Living Wisely

      I used to work as an artisan and am very familiar
      with a lot of aspects of simple living. It's not just
      the cheap or the poor who choose to live simply -
      there are many people who, for instance, build their
      own homes because they consider the debt-system
      to be an extortion racket.

      In fact you will find "gold bugs" and others among this
      crowd - people who will drive a truck until it's
      wheels fall off but are also millionaires - just not
      impulsive spenders.
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    I've written and sold a lot of article packs on this niche. So I guess people know that there's money in this niche somehow
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    Thanks everyone your feedback is very helpful.
    I see now that this niche could be profitable but need to treat this as a long term business and not something that will be profitable right away.
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    It depends how you position your product. Are you targeting hardcore simple living/ frugal people? If yes, it's difficult to make money out of these folks.

    You'll have more luck targeting people who simple want to learn how to save money without a big investment in time or big changes to their lifestyle.

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    I made money via Adsense... Perhaps the people in this niche are more 'click-happy'.
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