Alternatives To Google Analytics?

by barq
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Can anyone suggest site analytic services that provide more info that G Analytics? One of my clients uses LeadLander which says it does the following (I am NOT affiliated with it, I only use G Analytics myself):

Lead Scoring
Territory Filtering
LinkedIn and Jigsaw Contacts Integration
...and much more

By being alerted to your website visitors and understanding how much time they've committed to reviewing various pages of your online collateral, your sales staff can instantly determine the prospect's levels of interest. Your sales team can take immediate responsive action directly from within LeadLander.

My client asked for recommendations for any similar services which are not as expensive as LeadLander. I don't know how they use the info. (We do social media and lead-gen for them, don't have anything to do with their website.)

There are a TON of other companies that show up in a search, I'm just wondering if anyone has actually used any of them and could recommend some. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks much.
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