What is the fastest way to create an e-book?

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What is the fastest way to create an e-book?
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    Originally Posted by James Liberty View Post

    What is the fastest way to create an e-book?
    To steal one

    I have seen an eBook writing service here on the forum. Just do a quick search in the WSO section.

    Another way to write an eBook is to grab some articles from ezinearticles.com (only with permission from their writers) and paste them in one word file (you will need to leave the signatures after any article).

    That way I have created an eBook for less than an hour
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    A few options are:

    Interview an expert.

    Use a speech recognition software and talk about something you know a lot about. Then hire someone to transcribe.

    Take past blog posts you've made and put them into the form of a book.

    Buy PLR and rewrite it adding something of value in the process.

    Hire a ghostwriter (thus my way of making a living).

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    I'd say either write the e-book yourself, then you know it'll get done or outsource it.

    If it's in a niche you know well you probably already have books of knowledge in your head and writing it will be very easy.

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      It is a broad question. Much depends on the type of ebook you want to create, and whether you're willing to outsource it or not.

      If you are bootstrapping it, then an interview would be the quickest method. Spend a day putting together the questions, then spend $10 on Fiverr for somebody who will package it together in a nicely formatted PDF and somebody who will design a cover.

      If you are writing a standard ebook, then structure is your friend. Plot the structure in advance and you'll halve the time it takes to write compared to winging it.
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      Originally Posted by Ephrils View Post

      I'd say either write the e-book yourself, then you know it'll get done or outsource it.

      If it's in a niche you know well you probably already have books of knowledge in your head and writing it will be very easy.
      just remember there are very talented writers that can do this for you for a good price too.

      I have used some in the warrior for hire section and they did a fantastic job, one of my ebooks written by a warrior is a 5th best seller on clickbank, yes I did not even write it.
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    Originally Posted by James Liberty View Post

    What is the fastest way to create an e-book?
    Step 1: Download the free OpenOffice.org software.

    Step 2: Research your market and take copious notes.

    Step 3: Use your Mac / Windows built-in speech to text or Dragon Naturally Speaking to orally write your ebook.

    Step 4: Edit for spelling and grammar.

    Step 5: Use free or low-cost ebook cover software to create a graphic for your ebook or use someone who really kicks a$$ like Karl Warren (of ECoverNinja fame).

    Step 6: Convert to PDF (this is built into Open Office).

    Otherwise you can outsource it and have someone else write it for you.

    "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
    - Jim Rohn
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    The fastest way is to take a typing class and increase your words per minute so that you can write your ebook faster lol..


    Make yourself an outline of each chapter then under each chapter either write a synopsis of what the chapter is about or an outline of 4-5 different topics.. This way when you start writing it's easy.
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    The fastest way is to find a PLR and make some changes to it. Better yet rewrite it but this will take more time.
    Sure, there are lots of ways, as you will see here, but I think that nothing is faster than using a PLR ebook.

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    Really, I think you are missing the point.

    You shouldn't be worried about how fast you can create one, you should be worried about making it the best you can.
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    Write it in OpenOffice and then Export it as a PDF.
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    Outsource it.

    Or write a quick 40-page ebook in microsoft word. Start with an outline. Have about 10 chapters. Each chapter can be a headline. Then when you create each chapter... you have the inspiration about what to write about. And that's it.
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    I just created one and was bedazzled how easy it was to make a bullet point outline and make an on screen video recording of me doing everything online that I wanted to write in the book and than paying the people at casting words to transcribe it to text and audio
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    1.) Open Adobe Indesign
    2.) Write
    Boom shakalaka!
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    I wrote my first ebook back in 2002. It took 7 days from initial concept to the first reader having it in their hands.

    It started out life here on the Warrior Forum. I posted a thread asking for people who were willing to be interviewed. The condition was that they were not 'gurus' - just regular folk who were making some money online. Enough to pay some bills but not yet full timers.

    About 15 people replied and I sent them all a pre-prepared list of 12 questions - they all got the same initial questionnaire.

    When they replied I then sent them each 12 more questions that were individually based on their previous answers.

    12 people completed the two sets of questions and then I sat down and wrote the whole thing up as an ebook. It was called 'Success Stories: 12 Doers Share Their Secrets' (It is no longer available).

    Although I could probably have sold it, instead I used it as subscription gift for my new newsletter. The 12 interviewees were the biggest promoters!

    The result was that my brand new newsletter grew by about 2500 subscribers in a very short time - which kickstarted my entire newsletter business, which keeps me in a healthy full time income to this very day.

    Another ebook I wrote that sells for $147 also took me 7 days to write. That one was a lot more work though and involved me hiring an office 9-5 for 7 straight days so I could focus on writing without interruptions.

    Martin Avis publishes Kickstart Newsletter - Subscribe free at http://kickstartnewsletter.com
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    Well, I would say, outsourcing one.
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      I do it with MS Word 2010 and than convert in a PDF file. Word 2010 is very powerful when it comet co create graphic.
      All of my ebooks I did in word and than convert in PDF.
      First one was my favorite one because that time I think I create something amazing and in the matter of fact it was, my first e-book and I was very proud of it. As time pass my writing skills improved and now I'm able to write 20 page e-book in less than 30 minutes.
      Also doing it by your self you can create unique content and put some personalty inside!
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    Record yourself speaking and have it transcribed by a pro for a reasonable rate on sites like odesk or this forum. Find someone with experience in writing ebooks and correct formatting.
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      You don't really specify what part of creating an ebook you're asking about, the technical side, the processes side, or the content side.

      Here are some tools I've used:

      One option is PressBooks.com which lets you write your book inside their WordPress interface and then export it to pdf/mobi/epub as well as providing a weboption.

      I have also found MindManager very helpful for speeding up book creation as it's really well suited to a number of processes, i.e. brainstorming book ideas, organizing the book sections and chapters and doing the actual writing (as notes). A nice tip it so use both the outline view as well as the normal mindmap view so you can switch between a linear view of your content and the regular mindmap look. From there you can export to Word or html (taking care of structure as well).

      Scrivener is also very popular, especially for writing books that cover a lot of ground. If you're just looking to slap up some report or rehash some topic with plr content you can skip these tools.
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    the fastest way to create an eBook is to send us the text. We will do the rest. check us out.
    Originally Posted by James Liberty View Post

    What is the fastest way to create an e-book?
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    The fastest way to create an ebook is to download Open Office, type up your ebook and add pictures, then click the "create ebook" button and bam you have an ebook. Now you should edit and revise it about 10 times if you want it to be good.
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    I am a little bit of a proud person. I would not like to take credit for something that is not mine. So...I would write an e-Book when I know I am capable of doing it without being embarrassed about it. This means I would not look for fastest ways of writing it, but for how to improve its quality.
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    If you have the idea but not comfortable with your grammer, than I recommend finding someone on fiverr to write the book for you, than find someone else to design your ebook cover. It generally costs me about $20 to do this.
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      If you want to make it fast, better not start with it. There is too many rubbish stuff like that (not all of them) out there all ready.
      To write a book or ebook takes time and effort. First you need to think well of the idea. Then start making notes of what you want to be in your book. When you totally run out of ideas, leave it for few days, then come back to it, read everything you wrote add any thing, that should be added and start sorting ideas, which goes first, second and so on...
      When you finished sorting it will be like a skeleton for your book. Then it is a matter of adding body to your book. When it is ready, read it few times and change what has to be changed.
      This is a general advice and not suitable if you writing stories, novels, detectives... The same idea can be used, but it is a huge difference if you write informational book or story.

      Happy to share 18 years experience in MLM/IM. Not doing any other work for over 7 years now. Accredited as a coach by 3 companies I worked with after completing a course of education and passing exams. HND in Business, Economics, Accounting, Market Research, Market Development, Management.
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    At times, I like to record my ebooks into existence using Dragon Naturally Speaking.
    (I use the mac version from the app store)

    I think it's safe to say that we all talk a lot faster than we type

    So by talking the ebook into existence and the refining it later (in a word document), I'm able to finish an ebook much quicker.

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