Looking For Free Resources On How To Make A Voiced Over Sales Video?

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I'm not sure whether I just need Powerpoint, Screenflow, special microphones etc...can somebody help me out with some tips?

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  • Jchoros,

    You can typically record with a built in microphone on most newer computers. Alternatively, you could record the audio with some other device and then upload it to a computer. For example if you recorded it with an iPhone.

    You will need some kind of video editing software. Personally I like Adobe Premiere pro however that is a higher end editing program. You can get premeire elements (a dumbed down version of the pro one) for 99 dollars. You could also try windows moviemaker.

    Adobe Premiere Elements 11

    Hope that helps,

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      I have video editing software, Final Cut Pro for Mac. I'm wondering how to make it sound good and make a power point presentation that is in sync with the audio and clear for users to read....any other tips??
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    I create these videos all the time.

    Here is what I use.

    1. Powerpoint

    2. Camtasia Studio

    3. Audio Technica AT202 USB microphone

    Camtasia has a powerpoint plugin which means you can fire up your presentation inside Powerpoint, press record, and then start talking and go through your presentation slide by slide.

    Really easy to do once you get the hang of it. If you every make any mistakes (which is always going to happen) just leave a 5 second gap and then start again. That way you can come back to those mistakes when editing and easily just chop them out of the video.
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    Here is how you can do it:

    1) Run Powerpoint presentation full screen.
    2) Run any screen recording software that has audio recording feature.
    3) You have little buttons for the presentation in the corner and you can just speak, record and go through slides real time.
    4) Use the video editor to compress the vid, make it mp4 in format and cut out unecessary parts.
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    I think my previous post got nuked for being self-promoting, which is dumb considering it was a free resource on podcasting and selecting a microphone on a budget. I've been recording audio for years. I sent it to you via PM. Hope it helps.

    There's a really great audio interface out there right now at an insanely low price if you choose to go that route. It's mentioned in my article. If you choose to go that route, feel free to PM for microphone recommendations to go with it. I love talking about this stuff. I can even send a few audio samples if you would like.
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