Sales funnel and the world's biggest to do list. Help/advice needed

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Inspired by another thread I was reading I just wondered if anyone was aware of a done for you sales funnel service (own products and offer - not one where the provider selects niche etc)

I find that having got product - website -in place and pulled together autoresponder and squeeze page the issue I feel issue is physically getting that first funnel done.

From uploading the squeeze page ( not insurmountable)
Connecting your site and offer with JV ZOO/ Clickbank etc ( looks like you really need to know your stuff) and so on.

Guessing most people on here use clickbank diy rather than platform

Like most things in life it is simple when you know how. But if you don't you don't

Right now rather than pay for million dollar coaching. I would rather pay and engage with someone on Skype/email - who could break down the component parts and if need be actually go in to the back end and build the first funnel.

Lame though it sounds spending an inordinate amount of time to understand where in wordpress the optimize folder should sits or how to avoid getting you paypal locked down due to OTO frustrating the buyer is important.

If anyone can help or knows of a service of this type I would be interested. I want to control products and offers but recognise it would be better to ask for help than second guess the process for another month.
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    Have you tried listing in here? I listed a product in here as a test the other week and its a fairly staright forward process, that tied in with Warrior +....

    JVzoo is straight forward too.

    i have heard of a product called "Fast Funnels" by Jayson Benoit which will be known on here - I have not used it but i think it is a ready made sales funnel system. You may want to check that out.

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      Hey Banx - as a wso?? Primarily looking to push it through affiliate channels, as much as monetising the product I am keen to prove concept.

      I think once you have done it and understand the process it should be relatively cookie cutter. That's the plan. Appreciate your pointers will follow up.


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        Creating slick funnel still the issue in my head - is there a service that does this that anyone knows about ? Be grateful to be pointed in right direction cannot see anything relevant despite doing various forum searches.

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          You can create your sales funnel with Wordpress or html pages, in the simplest form, all you have to do is link the pages together and protect the pages you don't want the public to see like your download, OTO, upsell, downsell page.

          Simple protection like hard to guess page url and protection from search engine index will do the job. But if you want to secure these funnels and your download page. You will need some sort of security software or membership script, for example DL Guard, or Digital Access Pass.

          Below is the flowchart of simple sales funnel you can use as basic funnel, you can expand this according to your need by adding more offers.

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      You should check out Fast Funnels

      It will get a sales funnel up in running in minutes. With multiple OTO's, exit pops, and a bunch of other stuff. It is completely customization and you can easily modify the OTO's you want to use and exit pop urls. The more technically advanced you are, the more you can do. Although I created the program so people without any technical ability can create sales funnel with just 2 or 3 clicks.
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        I know creating a complete sales funnel is quite complicated when you first started internet marketing, thus i provide solution for all newbies in the IM/MMO niche.

        A "Done-For-You" SalesFunnel

        SalesFunnel In A Box. Contains squeeze page, OTO page,Thankyou page, follow-up swipes and Freebie Offer and OTO that you can sell it at least for $17.

        However it is only for the make money online niche..

        Jay Benoit Fast Funnel is a very good program too, everything is done for you and you can select OTO/Upsells offer such as Clickbank affiliate offers with a few clicks.

        But you get it hosted on their domain, not your own domain. though you can cloak the links though..

        hope that helps..

        I'm Buying Health Solos, please PM me if you are selling!

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