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Has anyone been successful building a list and making money when only doing it part-time?
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    I would say that most successful internet marketer started that way. You can still work hard and consistently with less hours to spare. And get results too...
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    I make decent income doing this part-time. You just have to have a system and a solid plan. No need to buy an ebook for this. Just search WF and put together a plan.

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      I'd venture out to say that a lot of businesses start out part time. It's harder, but if you really want to make it you'll find a way to keep going. I work a full time job (military) and I still come home to work on my stuff because I want to live on my own terms.
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    Of course. It just takes longer than if you were doing it full-time.
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      Building your list is the best way to get started and no matter what you do, a big part of your focus should always be on list building. Take a few days to learn about list building - maybe buy a few WSO's - I highly recommend products from Jason Parker and on most products he gives away free bonuses (like commission explosion) which are really excellent.

      Once you have the baic knowledge, create a daily action plan for 1, 2, 3...hours or for how much time you have and just keep going.

      Also, dedicate at least a small amount of your time on your marketing education and focus as much as possible on money making action and avoid to much web surfing, chasing the next big secret...
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    if you have only part time, you have to focus on one proven method of making money online. I think that's the best way to go.
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    Just make sure that you are disciplined during the time you allocate to IM.
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    Oh god yes....

    Its very difficult to focus if you have to worry about paying your bills so I would always recommend doing things part time....

    In fact I only stepped down from my construction business once my earnings exceeded what i was already earning... it also gives you money to buy the right tools and people to get jobs done more efficiently....

    DOnt be put off... an hour a night is all you need to get going and that hour will fly... just stay focused and do something everyday that is adding to the bigger picture :-)
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    Certainly Yes, I started Part Time, then made it Full Time and now its my business...
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