Advice on adventure what i am creating.

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Hi there all, i am interested if anybody would even consider buying something i am creating, i need to no shall i put it as a wso.

I am creating a system that allow there clients download there free or paid wso, package from there squeeze pages.

The idea is a client goes to your web site page, they enter there email address and then enter a security number letters as normal.(captcha).
then they go to there email address to press a special link you just sent them to get there free or paid wso package,

because we have collected the email information i am going to add a back end email system to contact all the validated users.

So the idea is when you sell a product you just plonk this code that i will provide for your squeeze page and it will let you get users email address and
let users download products securely via there own email address.

why do it this way.

the validated email is the golden nugget here ,also having a system that can respond via all the emails in the list for new products.

time saver .

what you all think.

your need the following.

php hosting on the server you use.
mysql on the server you use.

regards john

is it worth making for a wso and what price would you release it for?
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    Your post is not very clear as to the meaning.
    Sounds like you are describing a regular autoresponder.

    In what way is this different from a web page with an optin form?

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    I coudn't follow what you're trying to create either. More clarity needed.
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    Many people, like myself, won't buy WSOs from people who have only a few posts on the forum. It doesn't feel right to buy from someone we don't know.


    Magic Wand Author Services helps writers polish their manuscripts and connect to readers.

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      Sorry not to be able to be argumentative about it, but I agree with all three of the posts above.
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        Well I deciphered the gist as being a self-hosted auto-responder with content delivery

        The "nitty-gritty" is this:

        1 - Most Warriors already use professional grade managed auto-responders
        2 - Most Warriors are concerned about security of their downloadable products and controlling access to the url - you did not address this in your description.
        3 - Most payment processing providers also provide some sort of download page protection and/or delivery access control.

        Simply, there are so many options already available and your description does not even come close to the standard, let alone provide us enough reason to try out your proposed solution.

        There is only one option for competing in this market and that is to create a solution that takes any product and any service: packages and stores (hosts) it - securely, provides payment facility and delivery - securely, again, then manages list building and regular email communication.

        When you build it - they will come!
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    Aweber and other services already do that.

    1. Enter email in form
    2. Receive special link to confirm email
    3. Confirmation link sends you to the offer

    It is integrated with PayPal and other checkouts so buyers get automatically added to your buyer list.

    Are you talking about a self-hosted option so the autoresponder and all emails/etc stay on my server?
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