What are your best methods for recruiting power affiliates?

by xInd
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I know there are a lot of simple things to do to attract affiliates, like contests, prize giveaways / performance bonuses, affiliate directory listings, etc. What are the methods that have worked best for you to help find power affiliates that drive regular sales and reach a large audience?
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    Mmm, i could probably write all day about this. The best way to recruit super affiliates is to make a ton of sales for them, which is hard to do if you are just starting out.

    Another great way is to make an individual video just for the affiliate that you are trying to recruit.

    Do anything and everything you can for them as it will pay off if you convince them to do just one mailing.
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    Personally I recently read an ebook that talked about giving away "gift cards" as opposed to discounts and people react more to it, I have had a bit of success with it myself. Maybe I can PM you the ebook we can trade a few tactics as my give aways always seem to be a bit down in the dumps.
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      Give them compelling reasons to promote your product.

      Test with your own money until you get a commendable conversion rate. Have ebook covers and banners created, as well as articles, presells, rebrandable reports they can give away. You can even offer to produce individual, tailored content for the really top guys.

      Do all that, and you'll likely find no shortage of takers in the JV forum (and others like it). At the very least you'll have smaller affiliates pushing your product, which ought to catapult a product up the rankings at a site like Clickbank or just give you more sales data with which to present to the super affiliates.
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        You want to attract those gorilla affiliates with 20k+ lists and it is actually quite simple, but unfortunately not easy at all.

        Do massive list building (solo ads, swaps, media buys...)
        Research the top guys in your niche
        Promote their product launches & get into the top 10-15 of the launch leader board
        Contact those people and make friends with them
        Repeat with as many top affiliates as you can

        Have a great product
        An excellent sales page that converts (do some split testing)
        Create a backend funnel

        Ask those guys you promoted earlier on to do the same for you

        Before you can get something you always have to give something first. Sometimes, it can also work if you just do something very special for your top affiliate (maybe putting together an outstanding video review for his launch, providing him with some amazing graphics design....)

        Just sending an email: "hey, I have abc product and I give you 70%..." won't work.
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    Maybe find people who launched a product in a related niche and offer them a review copy.
    If they like your product some might start promoting it.
    Just make sure you don't just ask them to promote your product, this will have limited succes. just remember you need to offer something in return, and when you don't have a massive buyer's list yourself this might be the only solution.
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    one of the best method is to offer them a inentive to recruit more people, a traditional 10% of your affiliate doensn't do it anymore, you have to make them do the heavy recruiting.

    there are going to be 2 type of recruiters for your network.

    1- who earn by referring you people, and 2 who earn by making you money.

    MLM / networking industry has been using them for ages with great success.

    you need both.
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    for big affiliates, give incentives to bring affiliates, higher commission for higher amount of sales, and exclusive gift like gadgets, etc.
    hOpe it helps

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