If you could travel back 4 years in time, what would you tell yourself in regards to making money???

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If you could travel back 4 years in time...what would you tell yourself in regards to making money?

Some one asked me this question today and I figured I would answer it hear because I would love to hear everyone elses answer.

So Here's the story:

In late 2007 I read a book that changed my life.

It was called the "4 hour work week", perhaps you've read it
as well.

In that book there was one question that stood out in the book
"Why work hard during your golden years just to save up for
the pot of gold at then end, why not enjoy life NOW"

It was the question that started my internet marketing adventure.

And so I rather than take a job as a engineer at Westinghouse,
after I graduated from college I moved home to live with my
parents and start an internet business that would make $40,000
a month

Heck, I figured if Tim Ferriss was making $80,000 a month, I could
do at least half as good.

Little did I know learning how to make money online is world
filled with smoke and mirrors, Shuckters, People who only
tell a little bit of the truth, people who lie by omission,
and the occasional scam artist.

And so I struggled...

Buying up one magic bullet after another...

I learned SEO, Adwords, PPC, Affiliate Marketing...

Yet, I saw very little success. Things hit a low point when
I was dumped by girlfriend at the time and was collecting

All I wanted to know was the TRUTH, what skills do I actually
need to learn, what do I need to do.

Well, now after experiencing a modest online(working with
millionaire entrepreneurs like Travis Sago, Dr. Tom Orent, Doberman
and being a highly sough after freelance
marketing strategist working for companies like Force Factor)if I
could go back in time I would tell myself a few things.

First, I would tell myself to stop taking life so seriously and
relax. When you are serious your behavior is rigid. And
serious people don't have alot of fun.

Second, I would tell myself to focus on persuasion and simple evergreen

Here's what I mean:

Making money online comes down to two things. Your ability to get
traffic and your ability to convert traffic into sales.

How we get the eyeballs to see our message is going to change.

But the conversion part, well that is based on getting humans
to take action and that hasn't changed this the dawn of time.

It for this reason that the top online marketers still read
books like Scientific Advertising, which was written by Claude
Hopkins in 1920.

It's because the persuasion/conversion skill is based on human
nature, and that doesn't change.

Now, You can spend years learning SEO only to have google change the
algorithm and WHAM! that knowledge that you knew is now half as valuable
if not worthless.

I know, I used to go to the Boston SEO meetup group and tried being
SEO consultant to local businesses a few years back.

Also let me ask you how valuable is a SEO book from 10 years ago???

You can figure out google adwords only to have them introduce a
quality score and WHAM! all those fancy adwords skills of yours
are useless.

Spend a years learning copywriting, persuasion, etc. And that's a
skill that is good for the rest of your life.

I would re-read the last line it's that important. In fact, working
with the "guru's" this is what they focus on...ALL of them.

I would have also told myself when it comes to traffic
focus on simple methods that are as evergreen as possible.

Stuff like solo ads, banners, posting special offers in forms
and not relying on big platforms that dictate the way you play
the game.

I also tell myself that internet marketing is half math and half behavioral
psychology...and not to forget the math. And to build funnels that have
forgiving economics.

I would tell myself a bunch of other stuff but I think that is the important stuff.

So what would you tell yourself?
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    What you say is true, there are some evergreen niches which everyone should learn. However, I think that there are some aspects of SEO that every internet marketer should know as well.

    If I could go back in time four years, I would tell myself to actually work harder. I'm very serious about my business, and unlike you I have found the most success when I take my business seriously, not when I "relax". My income has exploded since I moved into my office, told my friends and family to never bother me while I was working and so on. It takes a lot of discipline to make it in internet marketing.

    I would also tell myself to start building my list sooner and to attend college earlier. My degree in web design and development has proven priceless to my success.

    Finally I would tell myself about the Google updates and how to prepare for them. I would be earning 10x more if someone had told me this.

    All in all the Google updates and all the other challenges should give us very valuable life lessons.

    Publish your digital course at Accomplisher.com. We create the video sales letter, drive affiliate traffic and split the profits with you. If you want to start making money by teaching online, submit your application here.

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    Buy gold and Apple stock.

    I'd tell me to stop analyzing so much and get to work. Four years ago I had only one online site earning money, and was stuck in analysis paralysis... so I would have a chat with me about just getting to work. I'd also discuss lots more about real business skills.... far too many (any myself back then) were not looking at working online as a real business - rather it was something to try and see how it goes.... so I would talk real business, real marketing, what money actually is, and so on....
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    In response to OP, I thank you for such a great thread. This will help the new person immensely.

    For myself, I would have to say that the keyword for me is "FOCUS". When I finally figured out the different methods that are available in the Internet Marketing Industry, I did not focus on just one method. I tried to do so many different ways that I did not succeed in any of them. The shiny object syndrome killed my savings account so quickly it was not funny.

    I know now that I should have played to my strengths, which is writing. (Funny thing about that is the fact that I hated writing in high school and here I am doing it for a profession.)

    First: Find something that you are passionate about and is an evergreen niche.

    Second: Figure out what manner you are going to make money from the niche.

    ****Important note here: Get a name and an email address....also known as a list.****

    Third: Have a business plan or plan out how you are going to make the money. How are you going to monetize the niche?

    Fourth: After choosing how you were going to make money, get to work.
    If you need something done, figure out how you are going to do it.

    Whatever you need for the method, buy it at the moment you need it...if not, leave it alone until then.

    If it has nothing to do with what you are trying to do....run away or put it in a file folder for ideas when you have become successful with your first idea.

    This is what I would suggest to any new person and most certainly to myself when I had started.

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    Take action now!

    (Also good advice to anyone that's still "researching" online marketing)

    I provide consulting for companies that use Adobe AEM...you can check out what I've done so far.

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    Great post.

    I would go back and tell myself to forget about learning so much SEO. I became very good at ranking sites and was starting to feel invincible, until a little Penguin came along and humbled me !

    I would learn more about solo ads, conversion techniques, list building, funnels, and offline advertising methods.
    Free 40-page eBook "How To Earn With CPA Offers"
    + 14 Free Traffic Training Videos -
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      Just keep at it and things will work out well in the end.
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    I would say "Take action" and "Most seo courses will teach you how to be a link spammer while showcasing a decent looking website."
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    If I can travel 4 years back,
    I would have tell myself to forget about
    making money..
    The key is to create Value..
    Money is just a mean to measure your VALUE.

    I will concentrate in adding value to people (like posting a informative post in WF)
    Often, in my pursuit of making money,
    the results are often flawed.. below my expectations.

    Till only recently, I then realize that I need to give more
    in order to receive. How Simple!!

    I started my Blog providing great free information
    on my niche, List building and email marketing.
    I am not concerned about making money from the blog.
    I just simply shared what I know/learn.

    My subscribers increased overtime.
    My sales increased too.
    I no longer have to send out promoting emails everyday.
    I only send when I genuinely feel the product is good for my subscribers.

    Hope that this post is beneficial to you guys.
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      I would tell myself to get back into Internet & Affiliate Marketing and that business is 90% Sales 10% everything else, so master Selling first.
      Use Feeder Sites, Articles, And Social Media Sites To Generate Unstoppable Traffic, FREE! Click Here Now To Get It For FREE
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  • honestly I think Tim Ferriss book is just another hyped small lump of trash.
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      Originally Posted by rise_more_and_more View Post

      honestly I think Tim Ferriss book is just another hyped small lump of trash.

      Have you read the book in it's entirety?

      I read the book last week, employed some of the strategies everyday - and have increased my productivity by at least 500%. A phenomenally intelligent guy, who split-tests every element of his own life.

      I illegally downloaded the book, but I just headed over to Amazon to buy it - it's a valuable framework for optimising time. You clearly don't have the discipline to employ it's teachings.
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    I will tell myself to make one account in each social network exist on this planet and then link it all together to my main website. I will especially dedicate myself to tumblr, as most of my audience right now is a tumblr user and I will not promote crappy product because it will never sell unless I hire an expert copywriter that will cost me thousands of dollar.
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    Thanks for the insight man.

    I'm glad I've already paid my dues on the study of social psychology.

    Evergreen. Perfect.

    (You know what, when I started making money online, I KNEW I will always be making money online forever if I choose to. ---I got it.) That's just what I needed.

    I owe a lot of my knowledge to the awesome warriors here and of course my own research skillz. haha
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      I would re-read the following again and again till the message sinks in.
      a) Think And Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill
      b) The Hidden Secret In Think And Grow Rich - Brian Kim
      c) Science of Getting Rich - Wallace D. Wattles
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    As someone else posted, the main advice I woud tell myself is "Stop reading about IM, take action now"... Whatever the outcome, I will definitely learn something.
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    I would tell myself to be more consistent with free traffic methods and not to give up if something doesn't appear to be working after a week.
    Free Video Course
    How To Sell Affiliate Products
    Find out how you can get instant traffic to an affiliate offer and be making sales within an hour!
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    I will study a lot of copy-writing, and I will spend my time effectively by setting a daily goal. Some people might have a hard time looking for a good solo ads, me too. I will save my money to spend it only for solo ads an auto responder monthly fee. Oh, also, I don't need to hire a VA because I can do the job myself.
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    Please do not use affiliate templates in signatures

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    build list and do more JV's

    tis the ants pants!
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    Those were some great tips Mike, I thank you for that.

    Wow, four years huh, I would tell plenty of things to my 17 year self.

    First, I would have told myself to stop looking for fast cash strategies, because that was what I was doing back then. Going from one work to another, one method to another, not stopping at one for long enough to actually get good at it. I would tell myself that I don't really have to make money tomorrow, but I need to keep working at one thing so I can make money at that one thing some time down the line. I would have told myself the importance of a long term business that provides value to the people it serves.

    Second, I'd tell myself not to accept every deal and work that comes my way. First, that makes me hate my own work as I tend to accept work even I absolutely hate it just so I don't offend the person offering it to me. I'd tell myself that, sometimes, its' okay to say no, and that won't make me a bad person.

    Third, oh well, I'd have warned myself about the scam artists and cheats of course, so I would not have wasted hours of my time or my dollars on those idiots.

    Most important of all, I would have told myself to not count the imaginary dollars on any venture I start, that if I put in the work and not keep thinking about the returns, I'll see more success than doing otherwise.
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    Earn money, use money, love people.

    Not slave for money, love money, use people.

    haha that was wad i heard from a pastor.

    just thought i'd share.
    Pain is a perception, so is defeat & happiness!
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    great question, short answer is "Do More AFFILIATE driven launches" not just internal ones. My internal ones rock, but I coulda done a multiple in sales if I'd done it with affiliates, hired an aff mgr etc.
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    Stick to one method and outsource, my problem has been moving around trying to learn everything.
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      Center mindset more around helping people rather than just making the quick money. Grab a decent non-emd domain name around a topic, build it up into a decent blog (none of that thin site crap) and promote products passively rather than forcefully with tons of affiliate links plastering the page.

      Focus more on getting links from places that will give me traffic, rather than forum profiles or other hyper spammy methods for SEO.

      I believe I even paid like $50 for something like 500 forum profiles from "high pr sites" back then because some were supposed to be .edu's.

      This is the stuff that makes me a little uncomfortable/embarrassed upon reflection lol.
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