Anybody Else In The Headphones Niche?

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I'm thinking about starting an amazon affiliate site in the headphones niche, anybody know if this niche is profitable?
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    Well yes, it sure is profitable, but the question is will you be able to make it profitable for you?
    Are you going to make a review website? How are you going to traffic? Paid? Organic?
    What I'm saying is that people buy headphones all the time, so yea, it's profitable, but since amazon pays a small commission you'll have to make sure it's profitable for you. If you're using paid traffic you'll have to closely monitor your expenses.
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      I would think that it will be hard to find someone that's successfully marketing in this particular niche to reach out and share with you how to compete with them...just a thought.

      That being said, any niche that involves a product with a huge demand will be profitable if you know how to market it properly. With so many high end headphones, the commissions can be good if you can get a large enough volume of traffic.

      Good luck!

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        Just act like you are someone who really need headphone. First you will search the web with Google, or go to headphone forum, or maybe visit blog that write about headphone comparison. OR they just do their usual TUMBLR blogging activity until they see a good looking headset which is re-blogged by you. Also use a crosslink plugins that will connect the headphone picture to your review site.
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    That's a pretty narrow niche. Most people would expect to buy headphones from an electrical/electronics retailer/website and, in my opinion, that's perhaps the direction you should take with your site as it will make it look more credible in the eyes of your customers and google.

    Hope this helps.
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    My wordpress blog gets spammed with 90 different "Beats By Dre" blogs every damn day. So annoying.

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  • One of my very first websites was about headphones! Personally I've earned from it, but it really depends on your website and how much traffic you get.

    I also used Amazon, so this was relatively easy because all I had to do was send them to Amazon and then Amazon took care of the rest. Even though some of the headsets were really cheap it didn't matter, aslong as I got them on Amazon, they would start buying all kinds of stuff.

    So let me know if I can be of any assistance :-)
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