First sale in adult niche!

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First sale in adult dating niche!

You guys should really see the smile on my face right now!!!! Just checked my account and BOOM a payment!

Time to hit the pub for a well deserve beer i think :p!
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    Good luck on your first sale. I remembered when I had my first I jumped all over the house.

    Congrats again.

    PS. What did you do to get it? PPC, Articles etc?
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    Congrats on your first sell! Here's to many more of those in your bank account!
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  • Congratulation man !! Now you are a seller.
    Good Luck.
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    Congrats Man....For ur first sale...I hope u can go much beyond than the present status...Juz go on adding attractive stuff to ur website and advertise it to the extent u can...u will se an Increment soon..
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    Congrats !!

    Please read the sig file rules

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    Nice work!
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    Never, ever, forget that feeling!

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      Never forget the feeling...Cheers!


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        Congratulations Trixie! Can't wait to share my own success soon.

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    Congratz.Move with Confidence
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    Congrats... Now if its CB get 4 more with different CC# numbers and get your first check to reinvest

    “First, say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.” -Epictetus

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    Trixxie, that's awesome! Keep that excitement going and move forward to get even more sales
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    Excellent news congratulations and after you have returned from the pub it is back to work for you to earn your second sale!
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    Awsome, Trixxie! Be careful, that feeling is addictive.

    Have an Excellent Day!

    ~ Nick

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    Congrats Trixxie!

    Now double your efforts and stay focused.
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    wow congrats!
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      Congrats. The first money you make on the internet is exciting. It gives you that "rush", be's addictive.
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    Well done!!
    Have a pint for me.
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    Congrats Trixxie,
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    I am really pleased for you. I am waiting for my first sale and I am sure when it comes it will give me more motivation. It is hard work and it seems to take a long time to get any results. My husband didn't get his first sale for three months and now they are steadily trickling in. Keep smiling.
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    Congratulations my friend. I'm really pleased for you. At least now you know the system does work!

    BTW: your pocketburst web site doesn't appear to be working.

    "If you don't quit, you can't fail"
    Success will follow.

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    Congrats Trixxie that's awesome! Like yesacpow I am interested in learning how you accomplished this as well.
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    May this be the first of many!!
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    Just let us know, when you will earn your first $1.000.000 :-)

    I started few years ago in same way, we did first sale quite quickly after startup, but to earn first $1.000.000 took us 3 years .... I wish you, to be more successful as we were.
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      Congrats and well done. I'm really pleased for you. I remember reading and posting on one your previous threads about a month ago. That was based around nothing really working out for you.

      So it's great to see that you took on board the advice offered by many other fellow warriors and managed to turn it into a success. The hardest sale is the first one. Now repeat the process that brought you that first sale.

      "There is no fixed teaching. All I can provide is an appropriate medicine for a particular ailment" - Bruce Lee, Tao of Jeet Kune Do (on Zen)
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    Ah nostalgic! you won't ever forget it rock on!
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    Congrats Trixxie - I hope it is the first of many for you!
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    Congrats!!! Remember to feel extreme gratitude for the person who purchased whatever you sold, not just for the money. Keep that feeling of gratitude going and you'll be on top of the world and making sales left and right.
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    congratulations! i hope i wont have to wait long for my first sale as well. but i still have not set a date yet on when i would launch it. still learning from everyone.
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    Believe it or not, but the first sales the hardest. It really only gets easier from here. Not from a "time" standpoint necessarily, but from an overcoming doubt standpoint.
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    I am very excited for you. I have a nail on my wall where I stick my paystubs and paypal reports. It's a great motivator to watch the stack grow. Maybe you would like to do something similar?
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    Congrats =)
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