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No matter what you will hear on the the forum, other forums and blogs. Article marketing still works.

However, what some people believe to be article marketing is to write a 400 word article that is not that good, and then blast that to goarticles, ezinearticles, and other known directories and then just sit back and wait for the subscribers to come and the money to hit their bank accounts 24 hours.

What I can tell you is that this use to work, but is what I would call article directory spamming.

Late 2012 I decided to do some testing....

Get 2 professionally written articles, and then do 2 things.

1) Sent the first article out to the the top 12 article directories, I got this list from a recent warrior forum thread. My VA submitted this to the lists, and I checked when he finished and tracked the traffic to my sites.

2) I had built a list of ezines, newsletters, online forums, editors, press release houses, publications, community groups, blogs / authors and also.

These were in a list of about 35 email address (so not a big list at all) and it took me a month or so to do this. So when the second article was ready, I emailed the list and said something like HEY, I have a new article that I think your readers might like to have a look at it is..... and ...... and will help them..... I just gave them a few good reasons for them to use it, or put it in front of their readers (who are highly targted in that niche)

Guess which one got the most traffic, subscribers and sales?

No 2, I did this as an exercise, but it was hard work and well worth it. No 2 blew number 1 right out of the water. Off the charts really!!

Now some of those 35 resourses did not use, and even 2 of them gave me a polite email thanking my but saying they would not be using my article at this point of time.

So it goes to show, article directories still do work yes, but not as powerful as doing the hard yards and syndicating your articles and putting it in front of the most highly targeted market and readers that you can.
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