How Does This Website Look?

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Hello everyone. I am fairly new to IM and made my first website for something I am promoting (Wealthy Affiliate). Since I am new and this is my first site....made for free at Weebly...I know that it is not the best, but I have worked very hard on it. I tried to make multiple pages and add good content, but the site is still not the best, and I would love to hear some feedback.

I actually posted this question already in a different part of this forum, but I figured this section gets the most traffic, so that might help me to get more opinions. I also posted the question at the Digital Point forum...and although some people tried to help, most people just replied with a few words saying "not so good" or similar.

If anyone could offer some specific advice on how to improve my site, I would really appreciate it. People have said the design/colors needs changing...but with limited templates at Weebly, I'm not sure how to improve that. I would be grateful for any advice from the pros out there.

You can see the site at Wealthy Affiliate Review - Home

BTW, I am only asking this to try to get help for my site. I am looking for honest feedback, and I am not just trying to promote my site, in case anyone is wondering.

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