What to charge a reseller?

by Joshua Rigley Banned
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Hey all. I've recently started a whiteboard animation service, and a guy contacted me asking what my pricing for resellers would be. I'm stumped.

Does anyone here have any experience with people reselling their services? What prices do you charge your resellers? I was thinking 50% off the public price, but I'm not sure if that's too much or too little.



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    Hey Joshua,
    I understand your concern with regard to resale, and without experience it can be problematic. There are a couple of factors to consider here, the first of which is your time. White board animation is time consuming, especially in proportion to your expected return. In order to be worth your time you cant undercut yourself to the point where your return is no longer worth your time investment. One thing you definitely have in your favor is the fact that you are a US based, English speaking service provider. This alone raises the worth of your services. Personally, I would say if you have to spend more than two hours a day producing the same product it is no longer worth your time investment if the return is low. In other words, if it was me, I would not offer resale packages—at least not as an advertised service. But if you absolutely have to, I would not offer a resale for anything more than a 25% mark down.
    Hopefully this helps,
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